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For one of Germany’s biggest pop-dance acts, the Eurovision stage should have been yet another winning step in an already illustrious career. Unfortunately, it turned out that Eurovision 2013 was actually the beginning of Cascada’s descent into oblivion.

Despite being a fan favorite, the band crashed in the final placing 21st out of 26 competing countries. After that, they released one acoustic album and a few singles, but all failed to make any major impact.

Aside from a reissue and some guest spots, Cascada spent the past two years in the musical shadows. But the release of “Run” late last month marks their official comeback.

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one more day to go….whoop whoop! ??? #run #newsingle #excited #beentoolong #superduper

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Whether it’s Natalie Horler’s distinct vocals, the strong bassline in the chorus or the uplifting lyrics, “Run” is a typical Cascada tune.

The song itself is nothing exceptional and it would be surprising if it breaks into any major charts. However, if you’re a sucker for Cascada’s Eurodance anthems the track is made for you.

It seems the Anglo-German group has decided to hold on to its very strong fan base instead of aiming for a bigger crowd, which might just be a good idea. As a diehard Cascada fan, I’d rather listen to “Run” out of nostalgia than for its great production.

All in all, while it’s definitely not comparable to previous hits such as “Everytime We Touch” or “Evacuate the Dancefloor”, “Run” is still a decent effort and a proper reminder of how great Cascada actually are.

You can watch the accompanying lyrics video below. According to Natalie, there are no immediate plans to record an official music video or to release an album.

Cascada Run (Official Lyrics Video)

Cascada went on hiatus due to the birth of Natalie’s first child in 2015. The blonde bombshell put all her projects aside in order to take care of her new baby daughter.

However, the band has kept touring all around Europe, regularly performing to sold-out crowds.

Cascada interview at Eurovision 2013

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7 years ago

She recently performed at my sister’s university (Warwick) and was amazing…!

Polegend Godgarina
7 years ago

Ugh, I miss hearing this type of BOPS on the radio. I’m tired of the R&B wannabe mess that’s been on lately. Bring it back, Cascada!