She’s the Italian singer that caught the attention of Eurovision fans when she represented San Marino in 2011. But unfortunately for the artist formerly known as Senit, her ballad “Stand By” stalled in the Düsseldorf semi-final.

This failed attempt didn’t stop Senhit nor did it discourage her from staying true to her soul and R&B-influenced retro style. Her most recent effort “Higher” landed late last month.

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“Higher” is a mid-tempo soul track flavoured with guitar strings, which sort of reminds us of Laura Pausini’s early work — which means it’s good.

A cheerful Senhit sings to her lover. She tries to encourage him to take a risk, to step out from his comfort zone and enjoy their love to the fullest.

The song’s Daniele Piras directed music video features Senhit performing the track with her band, as well as some shots of her gliding through a theatre.

Senhit Higher (Official Music Video)

Senhit Higher (Official Lyrics Video)

What do you think of Senhit’s “Higher”? Is it taking you higher or bringing you down? Let us know below.

Senhit and San Marino at Eurovision

San Marino debuted at Eurovision in 2008, when they were represented by Miodio with “Complice”. The microstate subsequently withdrew in 2009 and 2010, but returned in 2011.

Senhit represented the tiny republic in Düsseldorf, singing the soul-influenced ballad “Stand By”. On the night she wore a beautiful golden gown designed by David Emanuel — the man best known for designing Princes Diana’s wedding dress.

Sadly, Senhit didn’t qualify for the final. “Stand By” placed 16th out of 19 in semi-final one. It was later revealed that she placed eight with the juries, but came last in the televote.

Valentina Monetta entered the contest in 2012, 2013 and 2014, taking San Marino to its first and, so far, only final in 2014.

The country missed the Saturday night show yet again in 2015 and 2016, although on the latter occasion they came painfully close. Serhat’s “I Didn’t Know” finished 12th in semi-final one.

Download Senhit’s new single here.


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The music video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Son

The music video is really cool. I watched the music and lyrics several times thanks.


Have they even decided who they will send? Should they consider sending Valentina again?


Is she still drinking?