Brendan Murray Ireland Eurovision 2017 Dying To Try Interview

He’s the 20 year-old ex-boyband star who’ll fly the flag for Ireland in Kyiv next month. But in the meantime, Brendan Murray is bucking recent Irish trends and actively taking part in the Eurovision preview party circuit.

He jetted to Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert on Saturday, but our Deban caught up with him earlier in the week at Israel Calling in Tel Aviv.

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The pair quickly bonded over their shared love of “Dying To Try”. As Deban does his best to match Brendan’s unique tone, the singer explains that they’re not the only ones enamoured with the track.

As soon as we heard it we instantly fell in love with it… we always said that song was going to be the one.

Of course, when Brendan says “we”, he’s referring to himself and his mentor Louis Walsh. The X-Factor impresario was tasked by RTÉ to come up with every aspect of Ireland’s 2017 entry, much to Johnny Logan’s chagrin. But will Simon Cowell’s BFF make the journey to Kyiv?

I’m sure Louis will fly over. Louis’ not one for early mornings, so he’ll probably get up in the afternoon and get the next flight out.

And what wisdom does he have to offer the up-and-coming Galway star?

Take any opportunity you can get. Keep grounded. Stay positive, and just sing the song.

Sage advice indeed.

You can watch the full interview below, in which Brendan also dishes the goss on his Hometown days and his future plans. Afterwards, you can check out his live performances from both Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

Brendan Murray — Interview at Israel Calling

Brendan Murray “Dying To Try” at Israel Calling

Brendan Murray “Dying To Try” at Eurovision in Concert

What do you think of Brendan Murray and “Dying To Try”? Can he break Ireland’s three year non-qualification streak? Let us know in the comments below or react using the wiwibloggs app.

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Donna Vey
Donna Vey
7 years ago

Unfortunately I also can’t help but feel Brendan Murray may have put out more than he’ll be getting from Eurovision.

7 years ago

Louis Walsh is a shady man. Not married at his age, he’s definitely on young guys, and Brendan is just his style… Damn, Louis is Brendan’s sugar daddy. That’s gross!!!