Lights, camera…souvenirs! On April 12, the official Eurovision shop added another bit of tat to its storefront: a mini collectible ESC trophy.

The beautiful piece, which mirrors the microphone-shape of the original, is made of crystal glass and comes out of the same factory that produces the actual prize. You can buy one of the 200 limited-edition trophies to “feel like a star” — as the store page exclaims in all caps — for the modest price of 250 euros. That’s equivalent to buying 15 Namaste Gorilla t-shirts or 15 Love Love Peace Peace t-shirts from the wiwishop.

The current design has been in use since 2008, when the EBU decided to standardise the look of the trophy, and ditched the decades-long tradition of presenting a unique form factor every year.

Clockwise: Jacqueline Boyer holding her Eurovision trophy in 1960; Ruslana in 2004; Johnny Logan in 1987.

Nowadays the only elements that change at every iteration are the host country’s flag, the host city, and the year.

This means that Dima Bilan, Alexander Rybak, Lena, Ell and Nikki, Loreen, Emmelie de Forest, Conchita Wurst, Måns Zelmerlöw and Jamala have all held an identical-looking trophy, and now you have the chance to hold one of your own. Grip it — now grip it good!

Ukraine’s Jamala celebrates her victory with the Eurovision trophy, in its standardized from since 2008. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

The release of the mini replica follows the release of the first-ever limited-edition vinyl box set, which the ESC store presented last month for the price of 139 euros.

The wiwishop

The release of the crystal trophy is great for those of you looking for an elaborate table fixture or ornament for your mantlepiece. But if you’re looking for something to wear in support of your favourite act at Eurovision or at your house party or local bar, then consider purchasing from the wiwishop. You can see our full collection of t-shirts and phone cases here. 

Thus far our top-seller has been the Namaste Gorilla t-shirt, which shows a meditative ape in repose along with the word NAMASTE. Find your centre — and show your love for Francesco Gabbani — with a t-shirt or phone case.

Our readers are huge Melodifestivalen fans and, amid all the drama of this year’s Eurovision, have at times expressed nostalgia for Sweden’s most recent hosting gig in Globen.

That may explain why they’ve been rushing to purchase the “Love Love Peace Peace” t-shirt, which lets the world know that you believe in a future of peace and unity.

Available in WARM (below) and COOL colour schemes, it’s sure to turn heads at Eurovision and the club. Available as a t-shirt, tank top and hoodie, and as a phone cover.

We’ve got plenty of other designs — from the “Let’s do this!” tee to the Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On” shirt to the Alma “Embrasse-moi” design.

But in recent days our readers have been going GAGA over our #CelebrateDiversity cartoon t-shirt range, which lets you wear your favourite Eurovision 2017 act close to your heart in cartoon t-shirt form.

So far our top sellers have been Denmark’s Anja Nissen, Hungary’s Joci Papai, Italy’s Francesco Gabbani, Israel’s Imri Ziv, Malta’s Claudia Faniello and Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic, all of which you can see below. You can see the entire range of cartoon Eurovision shirts here.

In any case, what do you think of the 250 euro mini Eurovision winner’s trophy? Have you ordered yours already? And where are you going to stick it? You can let us know here on wiwibloggs.

Be sure to sound off in the comments box below and by using our new app, available on iOS and Android. Let’s do this!

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3 years ago

The app is pretty cool and the app is available for free on app store.

4 years ago

Love it !! wish wiwi team put a fashion show ^^

4 years ago

Hey Guys, you forgot Lena in your list.
Best wishes!

4 years ago

I’ve got the orange namaste gorilla t-shirt. <3

4 years ago

Guys, Dima Bilan was the first to win the microphone trophy.

William Lee Adams
4 years ago

LOL!!! Slip of the finger. Let me fix that…

4 years ago

“Vinyl box sex” I think you mean box set 😀