Tijana Bogicevic Israel Calling 2017

She’s the blonde bombshell who’s representing Serbia at Eurovision 2017. And while Tijana Bogicevic may have missed the pre-parties in Riga and London, she was more than ready to join the caravan in Tel Aviv for Israel Calling 2017.

The “In Too Deep” singer came to her interview with wiwiblogger Deban wearing head-to-toe black. It’s good to know this singing diva knows how to turn the pavement into her catwalk — and on a budget.

“The skirt is H&M Conscious,” she explains. “This top, I actually sewed it myself. I couldn’t find a top like this!”

Tijana Bogicevic interview at Israel Calling

Tijana has recently published a duet version of her Eurovision entry, which she sang along with her artist husband Sing-Sing, attracting a lot of positive comments. The idea for the duet came spontaneously.

“It is a complete love song,” Tijana says. “He said, ‘If we recorded this as an R&B song in America, this would be a hit’. Really, it is a good R&B song.”

This 35-year-old has lived in the United States for two years now. She says it’s taken her some time to get used to her new life.

“If you move anywhere, you kind of start from scratch — all your life, not just your career. You have to find the common ground.”

“When I learned to love America, then America started loving me too.”

Tijana Bogicevic — “In Too Deep” live at Israel Calling

Tijana and her husband run an entertainment company, producing music and organizing events. She previously had a singing career in Serbia, but in the US it took a different turn.

“I went to America and I was like, ‘I’m 33’ — I cannot chase it, become a big American star. But I definitely want to stay in music. I wanna be my own boss.”

Tijana has worked as a backing vocalist and studio musician for many artists — including at Eurovision 2011 where she supported Nina. To a wider audience, however, she is still rather unknown. Therefore for many, she was a very surprising choice for Serbia.

“I was very well-known in the music circles, but for many I am a new face.”

“RTS chose the song first and then the singer…but I wasn’t the only one running. There were some more well-known singers that were running for it.”

Tijana Bogicevic — “In Too Deep” live at Eurovision in Concert

Commenting on her vocals, which are often described as very emotional, Tijana says, “it’s just the way I sing. I kind of don’t like not to understand the song.”

“I like to feel the song. When I hear a song, I need to understand it, I need to deliver the lyrics, I need to love everything about it to deliver it.”

She’s feeling her song and after this interview, we’re falling deep for her too. You can check out our Wiwi Jury review for “In Too Deep” here and the video below. Make sure to shout out your thoughts on the song on the wiwibloggs app and in the comments section below.

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Photo credits: Israel Calling Facebook page

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7 years ago

Then you must hate In too deep coz you suck live, sweetheart

7 years ago

I really like the song but she will probably get stuck at semis…