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On March 29 we launched our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017 and on April 27 fourteen of this year’s girls sailed through to the semi-finals. This year the bar has been elevated: You can’t rely on your face or body alone to get ahead in this competition. So after the first series of challenges, twelve ladies were eliminated from the competition by our readers. They had to pack their bags and leave the ENTM Cycle 7 house. 

But we felt that decision was a tad hasty. So we threw the twelve ladies a lifeline, opening a wildcard vote, where our readers could save one Queen and have her return to take the fight to the 14 finalists.

And now, after counting 2,172 votes during our 24-hour flash poll, Serbia’s Tijana Bogicevic has come out on top. She now returns to the competition as your wildcard. The Serbian star won 22.01% (or around 478) of all votes cast, taking her back to the top model house.

Czech Republic’s Martina Barta came close, but won’t be popping champagne corks, as she only managed to win 14.27% (310) of all votes cast.

Rounding out the top 3 was Germany’s Levina who managed to win 12.38% (269) of all votes cast.


  1. Serbia’s Tijuana Bogicevic 22.01% (478 votes)
  2. Czech Republic’s Martina Barta 14.27% (310 votes)
  3. Germany’s Levina 12.38% (269 votes)
  4. Azerbaijan’s DiHaj 10.36% (225 votes)
  5. Estonia’s Laura 8.84% (192 votes)
  6. Iceland’s Svala 8.38% (182 votes)
  7. Latvia’s Agnese Rakovska 5.89% (128 votes)
  8. Malta’s Claudia Faniello 5.29% (115 votes)
  9. San Marino’s Valentina Monetta 4.65% (101 votes)
  10. Finland’s Leena 3.64% (79 votes)
  11. Russia’s Julia Samoylova 2.81% (61 votes)
  12. Lithuania’s Viktoria 1.47% (32 votes)

Total Votes: 2,172


To the ladies leaving the competition, thank you and goodbye.

And to Tijana, and the other fourteen finalists, the real competition starts right here.

Our winners routinely secure lucrative contracts with leading cosmetics and fashion brands, and have graced the pages of glossy magazines in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and countless other markets. Vogue is watching. Just ask Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2015 winner Tamar Kaprelian, whose wedding was recently documented by the fashion bible Vogue. We’re here to praise the stars, but also to make them.

The final of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017 launches Monday May 8th at 21:00 Ukrainian time.

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No Martina = No fun.

#Join Us
#Join Us

This Wild Card belonged to the beautiful Laura of Estonia <3 🙁
~ 1st Runner up : Claudia Faniello of Malta.
~ 2nd Runner up : Valentina Monetta.
~ 3rd runner up: Marta of Czech.
~ 4th runner up: Agnese of Latvia.
~ 5th Runner up: Tijuana of Serbia..
Congratulations anyway to her for her WC win..


I love you Tijana!