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Two is better than one! During the promo season, Spain’s Manel Navarro was battling for the title of Mr Congeniality. He did duets, covers, photo shoots and acoustic performances with many Eurovision 2017 acts. Now he’s rekindling a bromance by inviting his friend Brendan Murray to perform with him in Madrid.

On Friday, the Irish singer will join Manel in his first gig in MadridBoth singers announced it on Monday on Twitter. Yay! Reunion!

Strangely, the pair haven’t publicly sang together before. During the promo tour, we saw Manel singing with Lucie Jones, Robin Bengtsson, and Kristian Kostov, while Brendan sang with Nathan Trent. But the Irishman and the Spaniard did become friends, and they had us falling in love with the posse they formed.

The show will be on Friday at 21.00 at Sala Moby Dick. Judging from the sold-out concert Manel did in Barcelona on Saturday, we’re sure it’ll go off with a bang!

Despite Manel’s last place finish, we’re so happy to see that he hasn’t been weeping over the result. He’s probably the artist that has been more in the spotlight of them all, and he’s becoming a familiar face in the country.

Last week he was in the final of Your Face Doesn’t Sound Familiar Yet, the spin-off of Your Face Sounds Familiar, where he mimicked Ed Sheeran. Not to brag, but you heard that first on wiwibloggs.

Brendan won’t be the only artist joining Manel in Madrid. Ex Auryn singer and Junior Eurovision 2006 participant Dani Fernández will also join him.

Manel Navarro has kept a busy schedule after Eurovision. This Friday’s concert will be the second one of his tour, and he has recently released his new single “Keep on Falling“. What’s funny is that he ain’t falling — he is soaring, honey!

Are you going to the concert? What song would you like them to duet on? Who did you like better in Kyiv, Brendan or Manel? Tell us in the comment section below!

Manel Navarro interview in Kyiv

Brendan Murray interview in Kyiv




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Charli Cheer Up
Charli Cheer Up
4 years ago

Hope to see more ESC artists from this year collaborating

4 years ago

a sold out concert of 200 people with one of the members of Auryn on it… You guys are funny…

Now he try to make another sold out, not only bringing the Auryn guy but also Brendan.

Manel and his team looks desperate to me to manage to fill those little locationts… And someone can blame people not wanting to go to this guy gig?

4 years ago

Who’s ready for #Brenel a.k.a. #Murvarro a.k.a. #Mandan?