At Eurovision 2016 she won over Europe by melding electro sounds and an ethnic feel. And on Sunday Poli Genova dazzled once more, this time pairing her Bulgarian soul with a heavy dose of guitar in the music video for her latest single “Oshte” (Still).

In the guitar-led track, the 30-year-old stunner sings of her lingering feelings for a lover who slipped away.

“You remember me right?” she asks. “Do you remember the look? Do you remember that moment?”

As she asks her beloved question after question, she channels a vulnerability that lets us know Poli understands pain.

Scroll down for video.

The slick video puts a fun spin on the topic and can be read in a number of ways.

Starting a formal dinner, she and her partner look decidedly uncomfortable amid the older, buttoned-up people that surround them. It’s as if they’ve lost themselves in the seriousness of what’s expected of them. But they rebel — and dance on tables before remembering all the trouble they’ve gotten up to before.

From rollerskating in front of stunning buildings to hanging up photos on a brick wall to making love on white sheets to getting tattoos, they’ve done it all.

Putting the video to the side, there’s a real rawness of emotion in Poli’s voice and in the lyrics.

“My lips and your lips, we exchange DNA little by little…” — this is sensuality we’ve not seen from Poli before. And we like it.

On July 15 Poli will headline MTV Varna Beach — MTV’s first big event in Bulgaria.

The London-based team at MTV EMEA announced the event back in March.

“Varna is a beautiful, lively and cultural destination, making it the perfect location for a live music event,” said Mark Swift, Senior Vice President, Commercial & International Ad Sales at Viacom International, the parent company of MTV.

“We can’t wait to get working on this event, alongside Varna City Municipality, to create a stand out night for the people of Varna, whilst highlighting to the tourism industry what Bulgaria has to offer.”



Oshte lyrics — Poli Genova (English translation)

You remember me right?

Do you remember the look?

Do you remember that moment

Tell me if you read that in my eyes.

You remember me right?

Do you remember how you touched my body

Say if you still remember it.

My body and your body are burning slowly.

My lips and your lips, we exchange DNA little by little.

I want you still.

I’m still thinking you,

I’m still searching for you

We are merging.

Oh I want you still

I still feel

We are stronger together.

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3 years ago

Ni, but she’s sweet 🙂

3 years ago

Love Poli

3 years ago

What a nice new track from Poli! The music video looks quite expensive, too.

3 years ago

Love Poli 🙂