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She’s about to embark on her second season hosting one of Sweden’s most popular summertime music shows. But away from the bright lights of TV, Sanna Nielsen continues to work on new music. Her latest single “Inte Ok” landed just before Eurovision, and it just might be her most personal track yet.

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Written by Sanna herself, along with David Lindgren Zacharias (not to be confused with the Melfest star) and Olle Nyman, “Inte Ok” is not your typical Nielsen number.

Singing entirely in Swedish, the “Undo” popstar draws from real-life events, namely her high school days. Sadly though, she’s not looking back with rosy-hued nostalgia. In fact, Sanna endured a pretty horrible time with bullies. Speaking to Aftonbladet, the blonde beauty recalls the unpleasant experience and how she took inspiration from it:

It’s not an entirely easy subject to write about. I do not want to be a victim of it, there is substance in itself as committed, and so it happens here. And it was of course easier to write about it. You got a lot out feelings through it.

The song itself is slower than her Eurovision hit, less bombast more emotion. Nonetheless, it never veers into dirge territory and its mix of mid-tempo balladry and folk pop creates an almost anthemic quality. Which, in a way, is exactly what the occasional schlager diva set out to do.

I know I have children and young people who read my social media that suffer it each day at school. I wanted them to feel that this is not okay here either.

Sanna Nielsen “Inte Ok” (Studio Version)

Sanna Nielsen “Inte Ok” (Acoustic Version)

Fortunately, Sanna’s the one having the last laugh. The 32 year old has multiple chart smashes under her belt, including many Melodifestivalen classics. And later this month, she’ll grace TV screens all over Sweden as the hostess with the mostest on Allsång på Skansen. Over the course of eight weeks, she’ll welcome the likes of Robin Bengtsson, Danny Saucedo and Wiktoria.

What do you think of Sanna Nielsen’s “Inte Ok”? Can you relate to the backstory? And will you be tuning into Allsång på Skansen? Let us know in the comments below.

Sanna Nielsen interview at Eurovision 2015


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Pedro Lucas
6 years ago

_.Professora sim, tia não. Serviço Social.

health 8 quarter 2
6 years ago

If you haven’t experience Phish live before, it is certainly
a definitive summer concert experience. It’s a rwal double treat, as fans who love Mylie as
Hannah Montana fall madly in love yet again as they see her perform as herself.

I ccan remkember walking down the stairs, the heat, sund and humidity increased wit everything down.

6 years ago

Tenho 52 anos e tenho poucas linhas de frase.

Music is the key
Music is the key
7 years ago

Bullying is a disgrace! Never acceptabe. People who get treated with bullying get scars for life. It’s like raping the soul…..

Unfortunately, even in the ESC-community we see that fans sometimes bully the singers….thats very childish, unintelligent and rude behaviour…Look at Manel from SPain, Electro velvet from UK, PNK from Finland,,,,disposAL BEAHVIOUR

7 years ago

I like Sanna. But that song is not very good. Sadly

7 years ago

Just saying, Kristian won’t be at Allsång på Skansen, it’s on Lotta på Liseberg 😛