Their strobe lights and barred cages rocked the Eurovision 2016 stage, but with their April announcement of the departure of two prominent band members, Cyprus’s Minus One seemed on the brink of collapse.

Nevertheless, the “Alter Ego” band has released its new single, “Other Side of Mind” and has proved that its three remaining members and two new ones still have what it takes. Featuring a new sound, a new voice, and even a new music video style, the song has the mark of a group that’s done some thoughtful planning and reorganisation.

From the very start, “Other Side of Mind” has a fresh, clean, acoustic sound, which sets it apart from the heavy, electric rock we’ve come to know from Minus One. Pairing a straightforward bass line with drumming and guitar strumming that builds the beat’s intensity, the song’s catchiness lies in its simplicity. They sing about shaking things up, and that’s exactly what they’ve done!

This paired-back style is also perfectly in line with the song’s lyrics. Minus One recognizes that “time as we know and take for granted” often slips out of our grasp. And with this in mind, they sing about taking advantage of the “forbidden taste of the unknown” before it’s too late.

With a noticeably different style of music video than their previous dark, flashy and dramatic look, Minus One has gone for nothing but joy and fun with “Other Side of Mind”.

The video focuses on an elderly couple, but just because they’re old doesn’t mean that they can’t live life to the fullest! Whether they’re boogieing down the street, rocking out while vacuuming a rug, or dancing in each other’s arms, this couple are experts at taking the mundane and giving it life!

Lineup changes for Minus One

Just over two months ago, Minus One announced that both their lead singer Francois Micheletto and bass player Antonis Loizides would be leaving the group at the end of May. For better or worse, that deadline has passed, and with it have come two new faces in the band’s lineup.

The rock group welcomed new lead vocalist Andreas Kapatais, as well as bassist Max O Matic. It may take some time for the group to fully develop its new sound, but based solely on “Other Side of Mind,” they seem to be on a promising track!

What do you think about Minus One’s new sound and lineup? Are you missing the electrified sound of “Alter Ego” and “Invincible”, or is this acoustic jam just what you needed? Let us know through the wiwibloggs app or in the comments section below!


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Music is the key
Music is the key
7 years ago

Nice song. Even if it’s not so rocky as before.

7 years ago

Now I miss songs like Alter Ego and The Potato Song 🙁 sorry, but this does not feel very Minus One to me.. I dislike this kind of music