In the Republic of Georgia performing at Eurovision can change your career forever and turn you into a treasured national icon.

The latest ESC stars to prove the point are  Sofia Nizharadze and Nodi Tatishvili, who recently walked away with the country’s coveted “Golden Wave” Awards for best female and male singers of the year.

Judging from Instagram, they’re pretty excited, as you can see in this snap of Sofia claiming her trophy and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Sofia — who sang for Georgia at Eurovision 2010 — won Female Singer of the Year for her song “Mapatie”.

Translating as “Sorry”, the atmospheric ballad wouldn’t sound out of place in a Broadway or West End show, with the gorgeous leading lady apologising for her wrongs and feeling every ounce of pain in her life.

As ever Sofia pours herself into this number, giving us beautiful vocals and a fair amount of herself.

The music video was shot at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel and Bazaleti Lake, a scenic location some 60km northwest of Tbilisi. Inside the hotel Sofia slips into a little black dress and marches up and down the hallways, showing off her stunning décolletage and delicious contours.

Our readers will remember her best for her dazzling performance in Oslo seven years ago.

Her amazing voice and unforgettable staging, which included a series of bodies splayed on the floor, remains a favourite among many Eurofans.

It was very “morning after the night before” — and very elegant. Her stellar vocals catapulted her to ninth place.

Nodi Tatishvili — who sang for Georgia at Eurovision 2013 — won Male Singer of the Year for “Feradi Dge”.

He was ecstatic, Instagramming a pic using a series of emojis: smile (x2), celebrate (x9) and hands folded in thanks (x3).

His song “Feradi Dge” means “Colourful Day” in Georgian, and it certainly lives up to the title with its lively and vibrant sound.

It’s deliberately throwback with a hint of funk, soul and disco — kick up those shoes and dance.

Nodi and his duet partner Sophie Gelovani took Georgia to the grand final at Eurovision 2013 with their power ballad “Waterfall”.

It featured some rather explosive staging, including plenty of pyro showers. You may want to slip on some sunglasses when you rewatch it!

The “Golden Wave” Awards are organized by Radio Fortuna, and honours singers across a number of categories.

Judged by a select group of music industry professionals, they were first awarded back in 2013.

Georgia’s Eurovision 2015 singer Nina Sublatti won the award for “Warrior” shortly after Eurovision.

Are you loving their winning singles? Do you still rate their Eurovision performances? Let us know in the comments box below. 


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6 years ago


6 years ago

I don’t doubt the national treasure they are in their country … what I wonder is if they would ever represent Georgia with a more original song and not another “seen that, heard that, ain’t got no time for that again” recycled Swedish made ballad that only Thomas G:son knows how to do. Cause, let’s face it, in Thomas’s book originality must be such an odd and boring concept.