She’s Ukraine’s shady lady, who never stops pumping out the music, including last year’s killer track “Soprano”.

And now Ani Lorak — that’s Karolina backwards — delivers the smouldering mid-tempo number “Ti Eshyo Lyubish” (You Still Love).

The simple and sultry song sees Ani asking some tough questions and demanding answers: “Do you still love me or not?” she says, before repeating, “Do you still love me? Just answer!”

The intense lyrical content matches the music, which begins with a moody piano intro that gives way to something much darker. The electro beats are heavy and brooding, giving Ani’s lustrous voice a sinister edge that hints at the pain and personal trauma her romance has wrought. Ani hits the notes musically and viscerally. She sure can tug on heart strings.

Ani Lorak “Do you still love me?” (Official Video)

The video is an easy art piece.

It starts with Ani singing on a chair and being figuratively knocked over by several men. Over the course of four minutes Ani continues to battle her demons, as she dances around scaffolding, clutches a deep red rose to her chest and throws herself onto the floor and into the arms of several men. Thank goodness for body doubles! It’s a shallow point, but one worth mentioning: Ani can work those super-high high heels!

Those that have been waiting for Ani to bring out another hot banger will no doubt be disappointed. It’s not to say it’s a bad song, it’s just that it’s a different sort of fire to “Shady Lady”. This song stays true to the style Ani has been following of late  — bombastic balladry with contemporary production. Breathtaking, heart-wrenching, emotionally gripping — our diva’s recent offerings give torment shape and rhythm. We’re into it.

Within a day of premiering the “Ti Eshyo Lyubish” video, Ani celebrated it cracking a million views. It all proves that Miss Lorak still rules the Eastern music waves after all these years. There’s no question: she’s still got it, y’all!

So what do you think of Ani’s new video? Do you think that she should go back to her shady roots? Or do you like her emotional sweepers? Let us know below!

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ay jo
ay jo
6 years ago

oh she is amazing

6 years ago

And one of the dancers is the man from Maria Yaremchuk’s hamster wheel))