He’s the Lithuanian singer who has appeared on the Eurovision stage twice — including a ninth-place finish in 2016.

And earlier this week Donny Montell reminded us that he’s definitely here to stay with the release of his new single “Move Your Body”.

Once again Donny serves what he serves best — a contemporary dance tune. But this one opens with a part of the chorus, immediately throwing you into the track rather than making you wait for it. Talk about immediate gratification…

Throughout the 3:38 seconds he asks you to move your body, building from smooth and chatty verses to a somewhat anthemic chorus.

Poetry this is not. But surely many of you have wanted to tell that special someone what Donny says to all of you.

“Baby I get you, you wanna talk it about,” he says. “If you just move your body, move your body, nothing’s gonna stop you if you do it right, you gotta move your body, move your body.”

On Thursday Donny admitted that he was still memorising the lyrics to the track in a video post on his Instagram.

“Move Your Body” is Donny’s second release of the year, following his previous track “Screw Me Up”.

For the latter track Donny put on a very fleshy display in the music video, setting the bar very high for what’s to come.

And precisely what will come from the Eurovision Next Male Top Male Model 2016 winner isn’t yet known, though we suspect these songs will form the basis of an EP or internationally-focused album, which will build on the connections Donny made during Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm.

Do you want to move your body to Donny’s new song? Is his new track going to be your jam throughout the summer? And do you like the general direction of his work this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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4 years ago

oh wow this song is actually good. Quite a surprise

4 years ago

He’s so charming