Despite being almost nine months pregnant, Romania‘s Eurovision 2009 entrant is keeping busy in the studio. In the span of one week, Elena Gheorghe has released not one, but two videos on songs that she features on: “Hot Bhangra” and “Duminica”.

Elena, the first-ever winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Model, already has a five-year old son, Nicholas, and is expecting a daughter very soon.

DJ Valdi feat. Elena – “Hot Bhangra”

On “Hot Bhangra”, Elena embraces the Punjabi style both in terms of fashion and music. “The Balkan Girls” singer teamed up with DJ Valdi for this Eurodance track, providing the vocals for the song. While Elena looks amazing in her Punjabi outfits, complete with mehndi on her hands, we can’t help thinking that they blew up the budget on her saris, leaving the other dancers draped in what looks like second hand bed sheets. Not to mention that DJ Valdi himself looks like he just stumbled into the Bhangra party by mistake! A catchy beat makes up for the clumsy cultural appropriation and we can’t keep our eyes off Elena anyway.

DJ Project feat. Elena – “Duminica”

On the Romanian-language track “Duminica” (Sunday), Elena Gheorghe lends her voice to the latest single by DJ Project, the famous dance duo. The video, filmed in Almeria (Spain) and Vama Veche (Romania), alternates images of a happy couple in an old town with Elena on a beach. The singer’s pregnancy is more visible here and Elena, in a white dress with bright red hair, is positively glowing. The song is a typical DJ Project affair, with sexy beats imposed over melancholic lyrics, speaking of a girl who is looking forward to Sunday, the only day of the week when her beau is fully hers. Elena, just like her dreamy voice, is the shining star of “Duminica”.

Which song do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!


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6 years ago

I love Elena. She is amazing. Her voice is beautiful and i loved Hot Bhangra right at first time. 🙂

Charlie Propst
Charlie Propst
6 years ago

Duminica este preferinta superba.