They’re the Maltese band that combined folk and pop at Eurovision 2014, bringing the B&W arena in Copenhagen to its feet with “Coming Home”.

And this week, Firelight broke international borders again, releasing the upbeat and carefree song “Victor the Hungarian Man”. Featuring their standard effortless harmonies and country-influenced sound, the track perfectly blends its meaningful message with a tune that feels like a warm hug.

So who is Victor?

The song is a family affair. It was written by lead singer and MESC 2017 finalist Richard Micallef, produced by Wayne Micallef, and features brother Daniel and vocals from sister Michelle.

But the lyrics describe a man without a family. Victor is “isolated from society” and “cannot stick with a woman.” His heartwarming story, though, is about why neither of these circumstances matters to him.

No, Victor keeps his head in the game even when “everyone is dreaming.” In the opening verse, it’s made clear that although Victor is “searching for a lucky break,” he always “ends up hitting a wall.” More importantly, the joyful chorus emphatically repeats that “he just don’t care.” Haters gonna hate, and nothing’s gonna bring Victor down!

While Victor’s goal is to “turn this world around,” Firelight is not making as bold of a move in terms of the song’s composition, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The track features their folksy combination of acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and Appalachian dulcimer, all brought to life with powerful vocal harmonies. Even staying well within their musical niche, Firelight’s sound is distinct enough from the electric pop dominating the charts that it’s refreshing to hear.

Firelight in 2017 and Beyond

Back in February, lead singer Richard competed to represent Malta at Eurovision with his self-penned song “You”. He ultimately finished in 13th place, with Claudia Faniello securing the win and earning the opportunity to sing “Breathlessly” in Kyiv.

Aside from side work, though, it’s been three years since the Maltese band released their last album, “Backdrop of Life”.  Multiple singles — including “Talk Dirty” and “Christmas Day” — have come along over the years, but based on social media hints, another album release seems to be in the near future. We’re ready for more dulcimer!

What do you think of “Victor the Hungarian Man”? Has Firelight left you feeling ready to turn the world around, or just turning over in bed? Let us know in the comments section below!