Bada nakna” — their Melodifestivalen ode to skinny dipping — became a Euroclub hit, while “Kung” — their tribute to the Russ bus parties of Skam — ended speculation of a split.

Now, amidst their celebrations of reaching 110,000,000 Spotify streams, Samir & Viktor have released a new single “Vi gör det ändå”.

That’s “We Do It Anyway” to us non-Swedish speakers — and it comes with a real message.

The new single reaffirms the duo’s passion for making music — and on their own terms. It takes a swipe at the social media trolls and the “non believers” who have dismissed them during their careers.

The pair have already proven that they’re a serious act — just look at their back catalogue of six hit singles.

They’re stronger than ever, they’re here to stay and they want to ensure that we know it with their new single. Noted, noted and noted.

“We Do It Anyway” comes from the same writing team behind their previous successes “Groupie“, “Saxofuckingfon” and “Fick Feeling“.

As such it oozes with Samir & Viktor’s signature sound: a whistle in the beginning followed by a heavy drumbeat followed by S&V’s lovely vocals. (Say what you will: They’ve improved leaps and bounds since “Groupie”).

Even though the lyrics are rather simple, the duo see it as something of a Renaissance for them. They’re focusing on the message rather than the euro-dance beat.

According to Samir: “This song is quite different from what we have done before, you do not realize how good it is!”

Luckily for Samir, someone has realised how good they are. 110,000,000 Spotify users in fact. In the vlog-style video for the single, we see them proudly displaying their award for their 9-figure number of Spotify streams, as well as performing for thousands of adoring fans around Sweden.

It’s a montage of their careers so far, though for us the highlights are their dog and their helicopter. But hey: They are entitled to be a little diva.

So here’s to Samir, Viktor, Spotify and hopefully Melodifestivalem 2018!

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Music is the key
Music is the key
6 years ago

Would like Manel from Spain, and Salvador from Portugal do the same.

Honestly – some people need a lesson 🙂

Charli Cheer Up
Charli Cheer Up
6 years ago

I’m glad they’re still together. I was getting a bit worried after they started releasing solo singles..

6 years ago