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He’s the dapper Italian who’s collaborated with Sia and twice won the MTV EMA for best European act. And in June, Eurovision 2013 singer Marco Mengoni offered up his latest single “Onde” (Waves). We’re happy to report that it’s a bona fide bop!

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Somewhat unusually, the “L’essenziale” hitmaker kicked off the single’s promo campaign by first dropping the official remix, or rather one of four official remixes. The Sondr mix landed on 2 June and it was love at first listen.

Guitars, percussion, and electro beats fuse with the noise of breaking waves to create a pulsating tropical-lite dance track. Marco’s suave vocals slide over the music as he compares his love life to the ocean – “Like waves in the sea, Which do not remain the same, They turn and run away, We are waves in the sea”.

Even those of us who don’t speak the lingo can gather what’s going on, as chants of “I go away from here” are sprinkled throughout.

Appropriately, the accompanying lyrics video consists mainly of footage of the former X Factor winner by the sea. Sometimes you can’t beat a little literalism. Although, those of you hoping to see the ENTMM 2013 favourite flaunt his assets in the Mediterranean sun may be disappointed.

Instead, we him fully clothed, running along the coastline on a heavily overcast day. Nevertheless, Mengoni gets ample opportunity to show us his emotional range – brooding Marco, happy Marco, determined Marco, and smouldering Marco all make appearances.

Marco Mengoni “Onde” Sondr Remix Lyrics Video

Two weeks later, the Onde EP arrived, containing the remaining remixes and, of course, the original. Although, going from the Sondr mix to the radio cut is like swapping a full bodied cappuccino for a decaffeinated skinny latte – tasty but lacking oomph.

Also worth checking out is the Filatov & Karas version of the song. Y’all might remember them as the folk responsible for taking Sweden’s Eric Saade to the upper realms of the Russian charts last summer.

So what do you think of “Onde”? Will it snag yet more awards for Marco? Let us know in the comments below.


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5 years ago

Well, Onde was released alongside with his LIVE album last year. It’s released as a single now though.

5 years ago

Francesca Michielin is releasing a new single tomorrow.