She’s the Ukrainian singer who shimmied her way to second place at Eurovision 2008 with her dance track “Shady Lady”.

And on Friday evening Ani Lorak brought the lady but left the shady as she delivered a stunning set at Zhara Fest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Afterwards the “Orange Dreams” hitmaker sat down with wiwibloggs for a quick chat where she made it clear she’s still got that Eurovision fire.

“It’s a fantastic time we spent [in Belgrade] and I’m still a Shady Lady — full of power, love and passion,” she says. “Of course my life has changed from that time. I have a girl, a baby. A small shady lady.”

“She’s also a singer. She’s singing, she’s acting, she’s playing like a superstar. When I was in New York and Los Angeles one year before I invited her on the stage and we were singing together.”

Miss Lorak — real name Karolina Myroslavivna Kuiek — was thrilled that Jamala won Eurovision a year ago and that she secured the 2017 hosting gig for Ukraine.

“I’m proud of Jamala — she won Eurovision and I’m so happy that a lot of people in Ukraine this year were enjoying Eurovision. It’s fantastic. It’s history already. I think in Ukraine we’ve got the most beautiful girls — and the most talented and charismatic and sexy and beautiful.”

As for her future projects, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Eurovision isn’t on the cards, but a series of concerts is.

“I’m not sure about Eurovision, but I’m preparing my new show,” she says. “It’s called ‘Diva’. Third of March at Stadium Olimpiyskiy in Moscow.”

“Everybody come to my show. We will have three shows in Belarus, in St Petersburg and in Moscow — a big, big show.”

Zhara Fest — a blockbuster music festival now in its second year — has left Ani smiling big.

“It’s fantastic,” she says. “I’m full of the best emotion — the mood, atmosphere, you are enjoying every day. Such a beautiful people and a hot audience.”

The Ukrainian stunner also had kind words for Greece’s Eurovision 2017 star Demy, whom she got to know ahead of and during Eurovision.

I love my dress by @keti_one_official#????#???? @zharatv

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“I love her song,” she says. “By the way, the team who made her production and stage production were the same team who worked with me at Eurovision. I’m so proud for her. I don’t think that she lost. She didn’t place 5 or 10 but she was good on stage. You need to be truthful on stage and sing with your soul and your heart — that’s what’s most important.”

Finally, Ani — one of the nicest ladies we’ve encountered in a long time — had a message for all of you fans out there.

“I love you so much. Love yourself, love everybody, believe in yourself. Never, never give up. I love you so much — kiss you!”

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Stop misleading people!
Stop misleading people!
6 years ago

Karolina (read the name from the end) is proud of Jamala who changed music to politics? Karolina who is an outcast in Ukraine for being loved in Russia and making her money here?

6 years ago

Hey Wiwibloggs,

did you ask her if she would ever return to Eurovision?

May 8,10 and 12
May 8,10 and 12
6 years ago

Never new that her real name is Karolina, and Ani Lorak is her name reversed.