In 2015 he was the first artist to compete for Australia at Eurovision and took home a fifth-place finish. Two years later, Guy Sebastian has another achievement under his belt — this time revealing his hot new body in Australian Men’s Health magazine. And the “Tonight Again” singer is looking ripped!

Fit couple! Guy with his workout partner and wife, Jules

Guy is the cover star of Men’s Health magazine’s new transformation issue. His “before” photo is featured showing a flabby and unhappy looking Guy, posing awkwardly with his standard Aussie dad bod.

The “after” pic is a totally different story. Guy is standing tall and confident, showing off his fit, toned and totally hot new physique. The bulging belly is gone; in its place is a toned six pack. We are inspired!

Breaking the unhealthy cycle

The article reveals that while Guy was both very successful in his career and happy as a family man, there was an unhappier side.

Guy explained to Men’s Health that, “I was in an unhealthy cycle. I was drinking too much. I wasn’t eating well. And everything I thought I was doing right wasn’t working.”

But he was determined to make a change. Guy teamed up with a husband-and-wife training duo and got to work, with his wife Jules training alongside him.

Guy dedicated eight weeks to his transformation, at the same time recording his upcoming ninth album Conscious. The end the result was a fuller chest, a trimmer waist and body fat reduced from 19.1% to 7.7% — from dad bod to fly Guy!

If the pics are anything to go by, Guy’s fit new physique is yet another one of the many achievements in his life he can be very proud of!


Photos: Jason Ierace for Men’s Health

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6 years ago

Wonder if Mans was his personal trainer- their bromance in Vienna was so sweet!