You’ve saved the date. Now it’s time to pack your bags, lay down your armour and touch down in the Eurovision 2018 host country — Portugal! The Eurovision Live Concert, currently in its ninth year, will take place on the 9th of September in the Jose Alfonso Auditorium — a large outdoor space in the picturesque fishing town of Setubal, some 35 miles south of Lisbon.

The fierce celebration prolongs the spirit of the Eurovision 2017 season. And, as with anything Eurovision, you can be sure that we will be on ground to bring you the latest footage and social media updates (and for the fourth year in a row). With Portugal set to host Eurovision in May, the organisers are fired up to put on the best post-Eurovision party this year.


Dansk Melodi Grand Prix veteran and The Voice Australia winner Anja recently released her multi-genre EP Where I Am. She’ll bring her pipes to Portugal and will no doubt wow the crowd with her two Eurovision numbers “Never Alone” and “Where I Am”.  She put Denmark back in the Eurovision final after a dicey battle with her lip gloss and high heels. She’s earned your love, people.

CONFIRMATION #2 — TIMEBELLE (Switzerland 2017)

This delectable Swiss trio with a strong Romanian heritage also have two Eurovision hits in their catalogue — “Apollo” and “Singing About Love”. But there’s more to them than that. They had the audience at the Wiwi Jam eating out of the palm of their hands with their special Eurovision mashup. They’re experienced and ready to slay the seaside!


Nathan Trent — Eurovision 2017 sweetheart — killed it on the red carpet in Kyiv, wearing a classy and well-fitted tux. Since then he’s worked his delightful tongue in several languages while re-casting his Eurovision track “Running on Air”. Loved by virtually all ESC fans, Nathan will charm the crowds whilst attempting to sing in Portuguese at the party. We’d wish him luck, but he doesn’t need it.


Sanja Vucic — ZAA’s lead vocalist — was the last Serbian act to reach the grand final. Sassy, upbeat and a total people person, she’ll build bridges while making you laugh your arse off. Fluent in five languages and a lover of all things Eurovision, she’s ready to give the crowds what they want: passion, power vocals and a whole lotta love.

CONFIRMATION #5 — SASHA SONG (Lithuania 2009)

Sasha Song won the televote in the 2009 version of Eurovizijos Lithuania and represented his country at the Moscow edition of the contest, where he was crowned the inaugural winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. He’s tried to get to Eurovision on two separate occasions — most recently in 2017 with the dance track “Never Felt Like This Before”. So it’s clear his love of the contest hasn’t waned.

CONFIRMATION #6 — ANABELA (Portugal 1993)

Anabela is the lovely Portuguese singer who gave her country a Top 10 finish at Eurovision 1993. Her tune “A Cidade” climbed the Portuguese charts — and it still lingers in the minds of Eurofans. She’s set to make a comeback with her appearance in Setubal this year….and we can’t wait!

CONFIRMATION #7 — MIRELA (Objetivo Eurovision 2017)

Mirela may not have won the ticket to represent Spain this year, but she won hearts all over Europe with her summer hit “Contigo”. Say it with me now: bai la la la la! She’ll serve Iberian realness at the event, reminding revellers why she was Spain’s televote favourite.

Are you looking forward to Eurovision Live Concert? Who are you most excited for us to interview? Sound off in the comments section below.


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4 years ago

Guys, please don’t shorten Lithuanian national selection’s title to “Eurovizijos” because it means “of Eurovision” and makes no sense. Better write it as “Eurovizijos atranka” (“Selection of Eurovision”)

4 years ago

Its José Afonso auditorium..Alfonso is spanish

4 years ago

Everyone with no career after ESC goes to things like these xd

4 years ago

Sanja was Serbia 2016 rather than 2017.