Lisbon will play host to Eurovision 2018, welcoming tens of thousands of Eurofans to the world’s biggest song contest.

And in his latest music video for the single “Derzhi” — which we reviewed earlier this weekDima Bilan gives fans a sneak peak of the city’s beautiful vistas and architecture.

On Friday the Eurovision 2008 winner delivered a second helping of sightseeing with the release of his “making of” video.

The video shows the ease with which Dima moves as he dances through parking lots in the blistering sun, looking like a proper cool cat in his black shades and blue blazer.

Flaunting his playful side, we see Dima playing dead on the street as tourists walk past looking rather bemused.

Regardless of whether you speak Russian and can understand the banter on show, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the Portuguese capital.

Dima and Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova move along the Tagus River, through some of the city’s busy cafe thoroughfares and around the Clube Naval de Lisboa — a restaurant with a stunning mural facade (pictured at top).

Dima, who, according to Forbes magazine pocketed more than 6 million dollars in the past year, may have paused to enjoy lunch at the Naval Club restaurant.

The menu lists starters including “sheep’s butt cheek” and Pata Negra ham. Yummy, scrummy in my tummy!

You might remember the Russian beauty Ksenia from the postcards that announced the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which was held in Moscow.

Lisbon — a romantic city filled with sun and Iberian spirit — provides the perfect setting for his music video.

Dima sends a sweet message to his loved one, letting her know he wants some contact: “Hold! Hold! Hold my hand! Tell me what you want! Get it! Hold it!”

But it’s not about getting sweaty and oozing lust. This is about holding hands — an innocent sign of mutual support and tenderness.

The intimacy here is real and no one else needs to know about it.

“We will turn this world upside down, the two of us together,” he sings. “Tell me — why do we need those people? We will not tell anybody about this.”

Are you loving Dima’s behind-the-scenes video and his single “Derzhi”? Do you plan on heading to Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, and does this video make you even more excited about the possibility? Let us know in the comments box below!

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5 years ago

I like how the operator says “Let’s shoot in a cold country next time”, when the crew members are treating his sun burnt skin.