It’s the original Eurovision preview party, which frequently brings together more than half of all the competing Eurovision acts in the weeks before the Eurovision Song Contest.

And on Wednesday the organisers behind Eurovision in Concert let the world know they’ve got the 2018 edition well and truly under control when they revealed the 2018 co-hosts Edsilia Rombley and Cornald Maas.

The concert, which will take place on 14 April 2018, marks the tenth anniversary of the event. For all of you counting, that’s in 205 days…

Dutch Eurovision commentator Cornald Maas has hosted the majority of the shows, alongside a glamorous female co-host. Among the Dutch stars who have stood alongside him are Esther Hart, Ruth Jacott and Sandra Reemer.

But, reflecting its vast audience and legion of fans, the concert has, in recent years, utilised foreign talent. Last year Iceland’s Selma — runner-up at Eurovision 1999 — co-hosted. And in 2016 the honour went to another Icelandic diva: Hera Björk.

Edsilia won’t have any trouble filling the shoes of her predecessors. In fact, she already co-hosted the event with Cornald back in 2015.

The two-time Eurovision veteran proved she has major staying power, with the crowd eating out of the palm of her perfectly manicured hands as she reprised her 1998 song “Hemel en aarde” (which placed fourth).

Cornald is one of the biggest advocates of the Eurovision Song Contest in all of Dutch media, and he plays an important role advising the Dutch broadcaster about who should sing at Eurovision.

He’s also very personable, something wiwiblogger Denise learned when she spoke with him in Amsterdam following the 2015 selection of Douwe Bob for Eurovision.

The team from wiwibloggs has traveled to Amsterdam for the last six editions and we have to tell you: It’s always hot! You can watch our playlist of last year’s performances below, along with our interview playlist.

Will you be there? Are you going to JUMP on tickets the moment they are released? Let us know in the comments box below.

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