Iveta Mukuchyan is unstoppable. Since her Top 10 finish at Eurovision 2016, the Armenian star has dropped single after single, starred in some powerful collaborations and taken centre stage in some ferocious music videos.

And with the release of “Depi Nor Irakanutyun” — that’s “Towards A New Reality” in English — there’s no sign of her momentum slowing down. New reality, same amazing talent…

“Depi Nor Irakanutyun” — Iveta Mukuchyan

If there’s one thing we know about Iveta, it’s that she slays in any reality. And she wants you to know that you can too. The empowering lyrics suggest that it’s never too late to move towards a new truth or to create a radically new vision of yourself. Fallen down? Get up and shine. Put in box? Push through those flaps and start over anew.

As she sings: “Your life begins again, the power is in your hands, a new page in your story, and it’s never too late…”

Iveta sets those words to a fierce beat: This is bound to get all of Armenia on the dance floor as Iveta serves up euro-club realness. From the catchy chorus to the infectious instrumental sections, this once again feels contemporary and pan-European while retaining a strong ethno-Armenian identity.

The video, however, is straight up Hollywood 2087. Futuristic and space-age, it shows Iveta reborn as a woman chasing her dreams. And what a chase it is. The music video features neon lights, men in animal masks and Iveta looking sexy in many different outfits — from a purple, hip-hugging body suit to a high fashion, translucent cocktail dress that leaves little to the imagination.

The only thing brighter than the neon lights is Iveta herself as she lights up the video with vocal power and diva pizzaz. Pass the water — we are feeling the heat!

“Depi Nor Irakanutyun” lyrics — Iveta Mukuchyan

Your life begins again
The power is in your hands
A new page in your story
And it’s never too late
Don’t try to find it
Your wings to fly
You have it within your soul
The dream will take you up

It is possible
That you and I have two tickets
To the future
And it is important
Regardless of what winds may come to pass
Our love will remain

Before us is a new direction
Towards a new reality
Out time has come
Together we can change our lives
Towards a new reality

Towards a new reality

At the top of many stars
You find your star
What is your deepest desire?
The skies are ready
Our present, past and future and fully dependent
With what kind of eyes will you look at it


Towards a new reality


Towards a new reality

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4 years ago

Armenia should just send this song straight to Lisbon! I love it! 😀

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The only thing brighter than the neon lights is Iveta herself !!!

4 years ago

I’ve had this on replay. Love her music so much. This is like Amena Amena 2.0

Ron Kavaler
Ron Kavaler(@ronkavaler)
4 years ago