Pasha Parfeny - Imi pare rau

Three months ago we reported that Pasha Parfeny, Moldova‘s 2012 Eurovision representative, had married his long-time fiancée Yuliana Scutaru. It turns out that, at the wedding, the groom took everyone in attendance by surprise, including Yuliana, with a power ballad dedicated to her. “Imi pare rau” (I’m Sorry) was written entirely by the “Lautar” singer for his beloved.

Pasha Parfeny decided that the video accompanying the song should be the very romantic moment when he serenaded Yuliana. You can read love and surprise all over her beautiful face, as she wistfully rocks back and forth in a white swing.

Despite the title, “Imi pare rau” is not a sad song, but rather a heartfelt tribute about the love Pasha feels for his wife. “I’m sorry that I can only love you for a short life/ But I promise you that from  now on/ And in other lives I will find you/ And I will beg for your love,” he croons in the chorus. What’s even more touching is that he wrote the lyrics himself, despite the fact that Pasha’s mother tongue is not Romanian, but Russian. He told ProTV Chisinau last night that he was inspired by Yuliana to write the song in her mother tongue. Aww, can he be more romantic?

Yuliana, who usually teams up with Pasha as a lyricist on his songs, confessed that she was fighting back the tears and that she was so engrossed in the moment that she only got the meaning of the text later. Beyond penning the lyrics, the hardest thing for Pasha was keeping the secret from his bride-to-be, especially since he had to arrange the live performance with the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra. Try sneaking all of them on the guest list!

Upon releasing the new song, Pasha advised his Facebook followers to treasure each moment together, in order to make love last forever.

The “Lautar” singer, who is also known for writing Aliona Moon’s song “O mie” with Yuliana for Eurovision 2013, is a beloved balladeer in his home country and a name that often pops up when Eurofans are asked who they would like to see represent Moldova at the pan-European song contest. After SunStroke Project’s triumphant return to the Eurovision stage, maybe it is time for Pasha to do the same?

What do you think? Do you like Pasha Parfeny’s tribute? Would you like them to team up again for a new Eurovision adventure? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Below is our very first interview with Pasha from our very first trip to Eurovision in Concert 2012. His beloved Yuliana acts as translator!


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6 years ago

Pasha’s first language is Russian……?
His wife first language is Romanian…….?
In Moldova, a country where people die for the right to speak Romanian, this is bigger than it seems at first sight.