On July 12 we heard the heart breaking news that OG3NE’s mother had passed away after a long battle with cancer. But knowing that their mum wanted them to use their many gifts and keep performing, the sisters Vol have now made their stage comeback, reprising their “Three Times a Lady” tour.

On October 4 Lisa, Amy and Shelley headed to Amsterdam where they wowed a fully-packed DeLaMar theatre for two days in a row.

They’ll continue delivering their perfect harmonies and drawing standing ovations until the spring of 2018, criss-crossing The Netherlands from Leeuwarden to Maastricht and from Enschede to their final concert in the royal city of The Hague, which will take place on March 5, 2018.

Europe went on a visceral journey with OG3NE throughout Eurovision 2017, owing to the fact their song “Lights and Shadows” was dedicated to their mother Isolde and written by their father Rick. Written to give strength to people facing a variety of challenges, it was particularly apt given their mother’s brave fight.

The song earned top marks from the juries, who ranked it fifth. Televoters were positive as well, though the combination left them just outside of the Top 10.

After Eurovision, their mother’s health worsened and in the middle of July she passed away. Lisa, Amy and Shelley decided to take a break from performing to “give this great grief a place”.

The sisters now honour their mother’s memory with a shared family tattoo resembling a DNA branch, which builds on their group name OG3NE. O was their mother’s blood type, and their genes unite them.

At the end of September, OG3NE made their first television performance during Humberto Tan’s RTL Late Night.

The night included one very important surprise for the girls: They were awarded with a golden single for “Lights and Shadows”, which followed in the steps of their previous singles “Magic” and “Clown”.

Of course, that’s not the only honour they’ve received in recent weeks. Our readers also handed them the prize for “Best Live Vocals” in the wiwibloggs Vision Music Awards 2017.

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People of wiwibloggs :you should see This show by yourself to review Og3ne
Last evening I went to Rotterdam to the luxor theatre. And They are fabulous
On stage. This show have a international classe.


These girls are great. Wish I could go.


Let’s just hope this isn’t their only tour during their career.