A pink Post-It note has the power to remind you of many things — except when it’s stuck to your back and you have no idea what it says.

In our latest episode of “Guess the star”, confusion reigns like never before as Deban and I assign each other new Eurovision identities and spend nearly 15 minutes trying to figure out who’s who.

With four identities at play — singer 1, singer 2, Deban, me — things get tricky and our sense of geography takes a total nosedive. You can watch us navigate stars past and present as we trek from Iberia to the Baltics and everywhere in between.

Eurovision games: Guess the Star (Episode 3)

We’ve got more episodes coming your way. But if you’re still itching for something to do, why not check out our Eurovision charades playlist below?

We’re rewinding to a rather frustrating instalment of our 14-video series. Normally we include two or three games. But owing to difficulties deciphering gesticulation, one act fills the entire seven minutes.

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3 years ago

Moldova is world famous for its wines which are up there with the best French brands. They also have the most extensive wine cellars in the world: Mile?tii Mici. It is a lovely place to visit.

Nancy G
Nancy G
3 years ago

So I watched the video a few days ago and LOL WTF….Deban needs to learn all the countries of the former USSR!!!