She released her first track with her new band Blissfull six weeks ago.

And now Iceland’s Svala — along with her Blissful bandmate and husband  — has finally released the video to the sensual track “Make it Better”.

The song reads like a love letter — tinged with lust — and gives rhythm to her yearnings of both the heart and the body. The video builds on that and takes it in an appropriately skin-tillating direction.

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Even though Svala and her hubby reside in sunny Los Angeles, they frequently travel back to their Nordic homeland — and that’s exactly where the video was shot.

Among the locations used are an abandoned greenhouse, a solarium, a parking lot and some sort of inflatable house — visuals that we’ve come to expect in songs with swagger and urban edge.

You could almost describe the video as one big montage to the 90’s and early noughties. We have the white Buffalo shoes — which, by the way, are the exact same shoes that Svala wore on stage in Kyiv. And then there’s the Björk-esque bun hairdo, the tanning bed, the overalls, the peroxide hair and the sports car with an over-the-top spoiler and a double exhume — the ride everyone wanted in Iceland around 2000.

Blissful – “Make it Better” (Official Music Video)

“Make it better” has an overt sexual vibe, and the atmosphere of the video plays on that, with the male protagonist — who strips down to his speedo — embodying desire. The way he moves while listening to music and lying in that sun bed almost make you want to top up your own tan.

In between the peroxide man’s sunbathing and squatting next to his car, we see Svala walking around in rather apocalyptic surroundings and dancing in her moon boots and a puffy white track suit. It’s her signature L.A. meets Reykjavík vibe that helped her storm to victory at Söngvakeppnin 2017.

As Svala says: “Once a raver, always a raver.”

What do you think of the video? Does it fit nicely with the song to you? Does it give you a nostalgic feel? Or do you prefer Svala’s Eurovision 2017 offering “Paper”?

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6 years ago

To counter some of the negativity here sure, it’s not groundbreaking, but I think it’s a good chillout /trance song. And I love that Svala wears what she wants to wear – the 90s rave look fits the song.

Not sure if it actually is, but the derelict greenhouses remind me of the abandoned area in Greta and Jonsi’s ‘Never Forget’ video.

6 years ago

Girl needs a footwear intervention. They looked ridiculous at Eurovision and continue to sear the eyes. The chorus we’ve heard before, many times.

6 years ago

wowowowow this is surprisingly basic 🙁
‘shine so bright’ really girl?