She won Georgian Idol four years ago before becoming your favourite “Warrior” at Eurovision 2015.

And now Nina Sublatti is building a bridge to the past by judging the new season of Georgian Idol, which kicked off in October on Imedi TV.

Speaking to the presenters during the show, Miss Sublatti said that she missed the show and that her homecoming was a total honour.

“My debut came on this show and I’m grateful to the Georgian people — it ended as it ended and I won this competition,” she said. “Today I’ve a double responsibility and I’m especially motivated to put my most into this. I want this season to be the best.”

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Precisely what she’ll look for in contestants is anyone’s guess. But judging from her expanding oeuvre we suspect she’ll lean toward the avant-garde and experimental. She doesn’t do cookie-cutter and we don’t expect her to embrace talents who think inside the box.

Nina continues to slay her way through the music scene. Since ESC she has released the genre-defying songs “Locked Box”, “Heart Won’t Suck It”“Vision of Mind” , “Spiritual” and “Home” , and she wowed an audience of over 10,000 in her home country at the Black Sea Arena. She’s also hosted X Factor Georgia.

The show has other Eurovision connections, too. Luka Gogiberidze, who was the member of ”The Smile Shop”, who sang “Give me your Smile” at Junior Eurovision 2013, is now a participant on the show.


At Eurovision 2015 Nina took Georgia back to the Grand Final and recorded an impressive 11th place result. She helped Georgia finish ahead of both of its Caucasus neighbours Armenia and Azerbaijan for the first time in the country’s history.

Her Eurovision entry “Warrior” was hugely popular among both the Wiwi Jury and our readers, taking home the titles of best music video for her cinematic masterpiece and best female vocalist for her performance in Vienna.


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6 years ago

Hi! Armenia’s JESC 2017 participant Misha performed a medley of 14 other competing entries. 🙂

6 years ago

Loved and still love her so much, she was underrated, should have been at least top 5 <3