In 2000 Brainstorm cemented their status as Eurovision celebrities by taking Latvia to third place with the evergreen “My Star”. And they did it on their country’s debut in the contest. All these years later the band can still ride a certain wave of goodwill, powered partly by their charisma and endless likability.

Renars Kaupers and his bandmates have been quite the busy bees lately, having released two new songs in the past few weeks. One, a collaboration with the Russian singer and comedienne Marina Kravets, is called “How I searched for you” and sung in Russian.

She may be known for comedy, but this is no laughing matter. Instead it’s tender and sweet and oozing those good feels. Marina will most likely join the boys as a special guest during their concert tour in Russia.

The second song is Brainstorm at their finest.

“Tevis Dél” translates as “Because of You”. It’s a slow build of alluring pop, and it’s not far off from the sound of Travis and One Republic, except that it’s sung in Latvian.

Renars’ boyish charm is all over this and fans will easily be able to place this into the Brainstorm oeuvre. Dreamy, sweet, optimistic, uplifting — storm our brains, we gladly hand you both our cerebellum and cerebrum.

And now one final thing — icing on the Eurovision fan’s cake.

Their third track is a lesser known but totally noteworthy collaboration with Musiqq — the duo that represented Latvia in Düsseldorf back in 2011.

“Debesis iekrita Teví” — or “Heaven fell into you” as it loosely translates — is a rock-influenced ballad in Latvian. It sees the voices of Renars Kaupers and Emils Balceris going together like fine cheese and red wine. A small rap part by Marats Ogleznevs adds a bit more flavour, and it’s easy to swallow regardless of whether you’re into rap or not. The song was released in the summer of 2016, but like I said, it wasn’t talked about that much, so we’re happy to give it second wind here.

What are your thoughts about these three songs from Latvia’s original Eurovision stars? And the collaboration between them and Musiqq? Let us know in the comments box below.

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4 years ago

there is also the song they released a few weeks ago, a collaboration with the estonian Ewert & The Two Dragons “We wait for the light.”

I love both bands SO much and that was like…”how did we deserve this? not worthy…”

4 years ago
Reply to  redfox

oh btw Ewert is the one who co-wrote last years´ This Love sang by Rasmus Rändvee @ Eesti Laul. I think the “Dragons”´style dominated that song, beat, long frases etc

4 years ago

Brainstorm never disappoint. Like, actually never. Great music, once again!!