Lidia Isac v Axenia Sova Voice of Romania 2017 battle stage

You may want to rename The Voice of Romania as The Voice of Moldova. That’s because Moldovans have taken the Romanian talent show by storm, and Lidia Isac, the 2015 Eurovision representative, is their brightest star.

The competition is tough and some of them have to be eliminated. And on the latest instalment of the show Lidia eliminated her fellow Moldovan Axenia Sova to advance to the live stages.

The two hopefuls performed a spectacular rendition of Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story”. The judges immediately noticed the contestants’ striking similarity, saying that it was a crime to pit two beautiful Moldovans against one another. Although both were vocally strong, Lidia had the edge and coach Tudor Chirila chose the former Eurovision representative.

And though Axenia was not saved by any of the other judges, she holds no grudges and has expressed her joy to have made a friend for life. Likewise, Isac said that “The Story” will forever be ingrained in her memory as a happy moment in time with both Axenia and Tudor.

A few weeks back, Lidia impressed all of the judges on The Voice of Romania with her blind audition, when she performed Adele’s “When We Were Young”, managing to turn all four chairs in the process. She is now one of 16 contestants aiming for the €100,000 cash prize.

Next up are the live shows, where the viewing public will choose one act from each of the judges’ four via televoting. Each judge will also save one additional act. Hopefully Lidia will keep her winning streak intact and manage to steal the hearts of the Romanian public as well as her coach’s.

Last year, Lidia attempted to conquer France in the talent show The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix, but crashed out of the competition during the battle stages. And as we know, the year before she failed to advance to the Grand Final of Eurovision, but left a lasting impression with her space age performance of “Falling Stars”.

Diana Brescan — another Moldovan singer whom you might know from O melodie pentru Europa — also managed to advance to the live shows of The Voice of Romania. Diana, who finished third at this year’s national final, is part of coach Loredana’s team.

Moldovan success in Romanian talent shows is nothing new. Lidia’s Eurovision alumni Aliona Moon reached the Final of The Voice of Romania in 2014, finishing fourth. And just last year, 15-year old Moldovan Olga Verbitchi won X Factor – Romania.

What do you think about Lidia Isac’s success in Romania? Can she slay the competition? Let us know in the comments!

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6 years ago

So much talent and in the end somebody has to go. And some countries think is hard to find the right voice/the right singer. Both Lidia and Axenia have great voices. I have 2 wishes : Sergey Lazarev to be back in ESC with a Ballad, and Lidia Isac to come back to ESC with Moldovian song (not even Romanian). Lidia fell into the trap to sing Swedish reject. Such waste opportunity. I bet Lidia can f-a/r-t a better song than ”Falling Stars”.

6 years ago

Eurovision 2015? Do you mean 2016?