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It’s easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, national final on the Eurovision calendar. And for the last few weeks we’ve been drip-fed news of Melodifestivalen 2018.

With the line-up set to be revealed any day now, we’re taking the opportunity to catch up with some past contestants from the Swedish scläger-fest.

Molly Sandén “Rygg mot Rygg”

She’s the singer who asked us “Why Am I Crying” in 2012 and took us to her “Youniverse” in 2016. Now, Molly Sandén is doing like fellow Melfest alum Darin and singing in her native Swedish tongue.

She kick started her new era with “Rygg mot Rygg” (Back To Back). It’s a melancholic love ballad about broken hearts. In an interview with Aftonbladet, Molly talks about how her own experiences inspired the song. She confirms that it deals with a changing relationship, but doesn’t give any further details… the tease!

In the same interview she discusses her new musical direction, and explains why she switched from English to Swedish. In short, she needed a reboot and decided to go back to her roots.

Molly Sandén “Utan Dig”

Knowing she was on to a good thing — “Rygg mot Rygg” went platinum — Molly quickly followed up with “Utan Dig” (Without You). The track offers yet more Scandi-noir melancholy, but it is starker than its predecessor.

Simpler production and a more stripped back sound place greater emphasis on the songstress’ vulnerabilities and emotions. (Padraig)

ISA “I.S.A.”

She’s a lady of mixed messages — “Don’t Stop” she ordered in 2015 before assuring us that “I Will Wait” in 2016.

And now ISA is reintroducing herself with the self-titled pop single “I.S.A” — just in case we forgot.

It’s a dance song with a fair share of electro-pop elements and synthesizer effects. The lyrics are self-empowering, with ISA singing about how she is a strong woman and proud to be the way she is. Talk about girl power!

ISA “Me Too”

In a case of striking while the iron is hot, ISA dropped her next single “Me Too” just two weeks later. And the title isn’t coincidental. Writing on Facebook, the young popstar explains the meaning behind the track.

I’ve always been communicating through music, and through my songwriting. So when the #metoo campaign blew up in the world I decided to write my own song about it. To actually make a difference and aim for a world with no sexual violence and sexual harassment we have to make stand, not just once, over and over again.

This is my way of supporting that we can’t let this problem get out of the spotlight. My own written song ”Me Too” is now out on Spotify. Listen as many times as you can. All profit from the streams and sales will be donated to support the new organisation #metoosweden.

The deeply moving song sees, ISA sing of girl friends subjected to harassment. One is trapped in an abusive relationship, another is faced with unwelcome advances from a stranger.

Further adding to the heartbreak, ISA tells us “I’ve been there once or twice / feeling the same thing / me too”. (Padraig)

Italian Stallions “Danilo Ganillari Anthem”

The name might not ring a Melfest bell. But these Italian Stallions are in fact Du Vet Du — the satirical outfit that made it to Andra Chansen 2017 with “Road Trip”.

Released in October, “Danilo Ganillari Anthem” is an ode to the Italian basketball player of the same name. Structured like a typical sports anthem, it’s accompanied by a thick dance-beat. The lyrics are in Italian, with regular dropping of the Los Angeles Clippers star’s name. “He wins all matches” they chant, “the great boss of Italy”.

The music video consists of some of Gallinari’s finest moments on the court, along with footage of De Vet Du — no sorry, the Italian Stallions — donning sleek suits, hats and fake moustaches.

One might wonder why on earth a Swedish band is singing about an Italian basketball player.

In an interview with the Swedish web-media Hänt  the Stallions describe how the song came to be. Gallinari met the quartet on a trip to Stockholm and they remained in touch afterwards. The group thought it would be a great idea do to an anthem for Gallinari, who was more than up for some fun.

Even though the Italian Stallions have made quite an impact in Italy, the guys have assured fans that they haven’t given up on the De Vet Du project.

Danny Saucedo “Dansa med mig”

He’s the blonde hunk who’s previously invited us “In the Club” and told us we were “Amazing”.

Now, like his fiance Molly Sandén, he has gone back to his Swedish roots. His latest effort is the “schläger-pop-ish” dance number “Dansa med Mig” (Dance With Me).

It’s a love song, with Danny singing about wanting to dance with the one he loves till his final moments. Sugar-coated drama. Yum! Molly is one lucky lady.


Stay tuned for our round up of Christmas songs from more Melfest stars.

What do you think of these new tracks? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 years ago

In other Melfest, 2013 participant Rikard Wolff, who sang “En förlorad sommar”, sadly passed away aged 59 yesterday.

go Sweden send a fun song
go Sweden send a fun song
6 years ago

My father’s phone ring is Un Estate Italiana – Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato the anthem of Football World Cup 1990