Sixteen acts from all across Europe and Australia have touched down in Tbilisi and are in the running for Junior Eurovision 2017. On November 12, we asked our readers to vote for their favourite act to win this year. Favourites emerged and changed frequently. But after counting 36,111 votes, we can now reveal that Belarus’ Helena Meraai is the outright favourite to win Junior Eurovision in Tbilisi.

Helena impressed readers with her dark and mysterious performance, securing a massive 29% of the total vote.

Rounding out the Top 3 were Georgia’s Grigol Kipshidze with 24% of the total votes, and Armenia’s Misha, who boomerang-ed into third place with 17% of the votes.

The Belarussian win comes as no surprise to us – “I Am The One” has been riding a wave of hype as JESC fans praised her modern, drum ‘n bass tinged track. Our Wiwi Jury thought Helena was the one, scoring her a record-breaking 9.03 out of 10 and shooting her to the top of our leaderboard. As wiwiblogger William pointed out in his review:

“Helena sings that she’s a comet burning in space — and all of Tbilisi is about to feel the heat. Helena’s contemporary number pulsates and quakes, and its drum and bass chorus takes us to the club and back. Visually she gives this a sophisticated, mystical treatment, suggesting something very promising for the JESC stage. Kiddie voters may not be moved, but I know I am!”

Junior Eurovision 2017: Poll Results

1. Belarus: Helena Meraai 28.92%  (10,460 votes)

2. Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze 23.99%  (8,677 votes)

3. Armenia: Misha 16.6%  (6,005 votes)

4. Russia: Polia Bogusevich 6.99%  (2,528 votes)

5. The Netherlands: Fource 3.85%  (1,391 votes)

6. Serbia: Irina & Jana 3.21%  (1,161 votes)

7. Malta: Gianluca Cilia 2.93%  (1,058 votes)

8. Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska 2.24%  (809 votes)

9. Poland: Alicja Rega 2.15%  (776 votes)

10. FYR Macedonia: Mina Blazev 2.1%  (759 votes)

11. Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou 1.61%  (584 votes)

12. Australia: Isabella Clarke 1.54%  (558 votes)

13. Albania: Ana Kodra 1.06%  (385 votes)

14. Ireland: Muireann McDonnell 1%  (361 votes)

15. Portugal: Mariana Venancio 0.91%  (328 votes)

16. Italy: Maria Iside Fiore 0.9%  (327 votes)

We should point out that the majority of these votes were cast before rehearsals started in Tbilisi, and were based on studio versions. Everything can change during the live shows. 

Junior Eurovision 2017 voting

You still have the chance to vote for your favourite Junior Eurovision act at

Voting for the official Junior Eurovision launched on Friday 24th November at 18:00 CET. Viewers are able to vote from anywhere in the world. So for those outside of Europe who are normally unable to vote in either the Junior Eurovision or Eurovision, then here’s a chance to finally have a say!

On the official website, viewers can view each participant’s profile and accompanying video clip. Alternatively, viewers can watch footage of each act’s first rehearsal on the official Junior Eurovision Youtube channel.

Viewers are able to vote for either three, four or five of their favourite entries. If a viewer only like one or two of the songs, then they will have to have to choose one or two others to vote for as well. Perhaps most surprisingly, viewers can vote for their own country.

You can read reviews of each act from our Wiwi Jury – our-in house panel of music unprofessionals, by clicking here. You can also watch our review of each act’s first rehearsal here and here.

Make sure you get your votes in – make it count and shine bright!

Are you surprised by our poll results? Who are you voting for in Junior Eurovision this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo at top: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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5 years ago

Georgia is th best vocalist of the year ?

5 years ago

My votes:

1. Belarus
2. Armenia
3. Italy
4. Malta
5. Poland

5 years ago
Reply to  beccaboo1212

Does that mean you don’t like all the other entries, just the one from Malta? 😮

5 years ago
Reply to  beccaboo1212

Never mind. I was supposed to say that to the guy below. :/

5 years ago

my winner is gianluca, no one else.

5 years ago
Reply to  escESCesc

Does that mean you don’t like all the other entries, just “Dawrd Tond”? 😮

5 years ago
Reply to  beccaboo1212