Emmelie De Forest Sanctuary Music Video

She’s the Danish Eurovision winner who’s become a prolific songwriter for other acts. But last month, after a two year break, Emmelie De Forest returned with a new single of her own — “Sanctuary”

And today, wiwibloggs is thrilled to premiere the song’s official music video.

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The clip continues on the narrative of rebirth, renewal and resurgence which was first set out in the track’s lyrics.

It opens to a shot of Emmelie lying on floor. She appears to be almost corpse-like, pale skinned and covered in a shroud. A beam of light slowly begins to expand across the set.

We then transition to shots of the singer dressed in a blue leotard. She’s bathed in red and blue light. The scene feels spiritual, mimicking the effect of the sun shining through stained glass windows in a church.

The subtle symbolism gradually picks up pace. As the light becomes ever brighter and stronger, Emmelie’s smile grows wider while her dance steadily gains momentum.

It climaxes with Emmelie pulling out a tamborine and reaching towards the sky. She’s found her sanctuary.

Emmelie De Forest “Sanctuary” (Official Music Video)

If the first clip doesn’t play in your country, try this one.

Emmelie De Forest “Sanctuary” single review

The song is Emmelie’s first since splitting from Universal towards the end of 2015. Then she appeared to be in an artistic limbo. Attempts to move on from “Only Teardrops” and “Rainmaker” saw her sound veer in wildly differing directions. Although “Drunk Tonight” and “Hopscotch” each had their own merits, the stark disparities between the two suggested that all was not right.

And the Eurovision 2013 champion admits as much. “I needed to find myself as an artist, figure out my own sound”, she says, “play the guitar and write even more songs, without anyone interfering”.

Thankfully, if “Sanctuary” is anything to go by, everything is back on track.

Don’t be fooled by the cover art. The blue jumpsuit and perm might scream 1970s disco diva, but Emmelie isn’t trying to be the next Donna Summers. Instead, she’s updated the folk-pop that first brought her success almost five years ago.

Tribal drums and flutes no longer dominate as the 24-year-old sings over a menagerie of instruments. And while previously the songstress occasionally came across as aloof, “Sanctuary” is full of warmth.

Infectiously upbeat, it’s impossible not to smile as De Forest takes us to a place where she’s free to be herself and do what she likes. “This is my sanctuary, this is my show-and-tell, so free”.

Writing in the official press release, Emmelie explains the meaning behind the lyrics:

A Sanctuary could be many different things. To me, it’s all the ideas that pop up in your head and then suddenly you see them transform from a feather in your mind to actual wings. It’s really the feel-ing of creating something, weather it be a song, a story or a painting.

So to me a sanctuary is not just a place to hide from danger, but a place away from the world and the daily life where you can dream and create.

Songs with such sentiments of self-discovery and hope can often be cloying or cheesy. “Sanctuary” is neither.

It’s a refreshingly simple comeback, and all the better for it.


Emmelie hasn’t been busy doing nothing during her two year hiatus.

Aside from writing songs for Eurovision stars Anja Nissen and Lucie Jones, she also embarked on a crowdfunding campaign for her new EP. She smashed her initial target, reaching 150% of her goal.

The EP is scheduled to drop in spring 2018, although those who pledged to her campaign can already listen to it.

Are you happy to hear new music from Emmelie De Forest? What do you think of “Sanctuary”? And would you like her to perform at Eurovision again? Let us know in the comments below.


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3 years ago

Did she change her name to ‘de Forrest’?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jak

No, that is her real last name (but with just one r).

3 years ago

So much better than the overrated “music” that Loreen came back with this year. <3 Emmelie

3 years ago

Keep seeing people in my neighbourhood wearing these aerobics clothes that Emelie has on. Anyway, I like this video 🙂 Hope she keeps it up.

3 years ago

She’s back. Oh wait, she never left. Congratulations ! #Eurovision #Winner #Queen

Nancy G
Nancy G
3 years ago

i love the retro look and sound. it’s like the 1980s made glamorous for 2017. good job miss de forest

William Lee Adams
3 years ago

YASSS! Keep going Emmelie! Working that voice, hitting those camera angles!! <3