Earlier this month, Maraaya unleashed some Christmas cheer with a cover of “Winter Wonderland”. Now the festive spirit continues. Maraaya has teamed up with hot Slovenian stars BQL, Nika Zorjan, Manca Spik, Luka Basi, Klara Jazbec and Ula for a multilingual cover of “White Christmas”.

The video invites viewers into a cosy Slovenian winter wonderland. It’s a place of novelty Christmas sweaters, fairy lights and all the joy of the season.

Maraaya has gathered a who’s who of hot Slovenian talent, including two acts heading for EMA 2018.

The star of the song is BQL lead vocalist Anej Piletic, though brother Rok Piletic is also there. Anej opens and closes the song, which shows the confidence Maraaya have in this young star. BQL will compete in EMA 2018 with the song “Ptica” (Bird), co-written by Maraaya and Anej.

The other EMA 2018 star to make an appearance is Nika Zorjan, who stands out with her trademark pink tresses. She sings in the Prekmurje dialect. Nika will be competing in EMA with “Uspavanka” (Sleepy), which she has co-written with Maraaya.

Also making an appearance is Ula Lozar. The young singer represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2014 with her Maraaya-written song “Nisi sam (Your Light)”.

The other artist with a Eurovision connection is Manca Spik. She served as a backing vocalist for the Slovenian acts in 2014 and 2015. She has competed in EMA three times, including in 2009 when her song “Zaigraj muzikant” won the televote but placed fifth overall due to a controversially low jury score.

Rounding out the festive chorus is Croatian and Slovenian pop singer Luka Basi — who sings his part in Croatian — and Slovenia’s Got Talent 2016 singer Klara Jazbec.

And of course Maraaya make an appearance. Marjetka lends her sultry vocals to the song, the musical equivalent of snuggling up with a warm mug of eggnog. And maestro Raay can also be seen wearing a fetching snowman sweater and tinkling away at a glockenspiel and a triangle.

The result is a hearty dose of Slovenian Christmas cheer. The singers effortlessly deliver the lyrics in three other regional languages as well as the original English, which puts a local twist on the classic American Christmas song.



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