She’s a Skopje-born, Belgrade-based pop star who represented FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Although she aspired “To the Sky“, she ultimately crashed out of the semi-finals.

But on Sunday Tijana Dapcevic was much more successful, as she placed second on Tvoje lice zvuci poznato (TLZP) — the Serbian version of television competition Your Face Sounds Familiar.

TLZP season 4 top 5

1. Stevan Andjelkovic as Elvis Presley – “Always on My Mind”

2. Tijana Dapcevic as Freddie Mercury – “Who Wants to Live Forever” / “The Show Must Go On”

3. Edita Aradinovic as Beyoncé – “Run the World (Girls)”

4. Dragana Micalovic as Jennifer Lopez – “If You Had My Love” / “Get Right”

5. Leon as Sinan Sakic – “Lepa do bola” / “Ej, od kad sam se rodio”

Although she was one of the favourites to win, Dapcevic eventually ended up as runner-up. In the final, she impersonated Freddie Mercury and performed a medley of Queen‘s hits “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “The Show Must Go On”.

Watch Tijana’s performance on the TLZP final

However, given that the show has a charitable character, Dapcevic is far from disappointed. Prior to the final, Dapcevic stated she was more than happy to take part in TLZP: “For the past twelve weeks literally every step of mine has been filled with joy, satisfaction and happiness.”

“I have proved to myself that I could do things I had never even dreamed of. And most importantly, I have not let myself down. TLZP is the best format ever created. I had followed it even before it arrived in Serbia.”

“I am one of those people that constantly ramble on how we must help other people and that we must not forget empathy. If I win, my biggest reward will be that I will be able to help someone.”

Tijana also took to Instagram to thank her fans for all the support during her stint on Your Face Sounds Familiar.

“Alright, people, this is it, after twelve weeks of joy, neurosis, a bunch of characters, new wonderful friendships forged, which to my great delight are going to last, as everyone that has worked on this project are truly wonderful people.”

“Thank you for supporting me and following me on every step I have taken during this competition, I hope I have not disappointed you.”

Another former Eurovision contestant that took part in TLZP, Bebi Dol, did not reach the final. She did perform, however, as a revival act. She and two other contestants, Mira Skoric and Bane Vidakovic, impersonated Army of Lovers and sang their hit “Crucified”.

Did you like Tijana Dapcevic as Freddie Mercury? Do you think she should have won? Tell us in the comments section below!

Rewatch Tijana’s Eurovision 2014 performance

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You’ve already mentioned Joci and Tijana who participated in Your Face Sounds Familiar this year. And what about Kasia Mos? She did as well and she was brilliant!!! She definitely deserves an article.
Here you have all her performances in Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo, which is a
Polish version of our Face Sounds Familiar.