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Incredibly, 2017 is almost up. And that means one thing — the return of our annual Top Tracks countdown!

As usual, the team from wiwibloggs voted for their favourite 2017 releases and recordings by and featuring Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who have yet to compete on the Eurovision stage.

After considering well over 100 songs, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish five tracks daily until we reach our number one.

What song will join Loreen’s “We Got The Power”Emmelie De Forest’s “Drunk Tonight”Lena’s “Traffic Lights”, and Loïc Nottet’s “Million Eyes” in our Hall of Fame?

The countdown continues!

20. Lena “Lost In You”

What we said: As with some of her previous hits, the new single is reminiscent of Ellie Goulding — which is most certainly a compliment in our eyes! But just like Ellie, Lena continues to develop sonically as an artist. Compared to her last record, “Lost In You” has neither the dramatic flourishes of “Traffic Lights” nor the infectiously upbeat vibes of “Wild & Free”. Instead, the mid-tempo synth-pop track takes a refreshingly minimalist approach. The sparse instrumental allows Lena’s flawless vocals to shine, even if they’re occasionally subject to a little digital trickery. (Florian)

Previous top tracks: “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” (#24 in 2017), “Beat To My Melody” (#9 in 2016),  “Traffic Lights” (#1 in 2015), “Wild & Free” (#14 in 2015)

19. Nathan Trent “Good Vibes”

What we said: This number gets the head bobbing with a chilled out beat. Melding an electric RnB sound with a bit of reggaeton and his instantly recognisable vocals, Trent sings of irrepressible affection for his lover and how her looks and aura give him those ‘good vibes.’ Can we just say: he’s giving them to us too. (Sebastian)

18. Guy Sebastian “Bloodstone”

What we said: Guy Sebastian mixes things up with his latest effort “Bloodstone”. The track is effectively a musical apology for the Australian singer’s past behaviours. “I’m really not that asshole that I was last night / I tend to mess up every good thing in my life / I’ll make it up to you somehow.” And the man is more than willing to pay his dues “Oh no, I’m not afraid to bleed / Work my hands to the bone /More words are not what you need / I let my labour show”. But he requires help, “Can’t do it on my own, I need you to believe”. The song is brimming with soul and rhythm, and compares favourably to Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human”. (Padraig)

Previous top tracks: “High On Me” (#47 in 2017), “Candle” (#41 in 2016), “Black & Blue” (#11 in 2015)

17. Sunstroke Project “Sun Gets Down”

What we said:  A group of curious kids take a peek from behind giant town gates. On the other side is a full-blown Moldovan mardi gras, complete with festive dancers, smiling people and yes — the indefatigable Epic Sax Guy. In full harmony with the upbeat music, the video is full of colour and joy — now a SunStroke Project signature. (Bogdan)

16. Loïc Nottet “Doctor”

What we said: Musically, “Doctor” fits right in to the dark pop niche Loïc built on Selfocracy. With continuous singing from start to finish, it’s clear that Nottet’s distinct, emotional voice is the track’s main feature. Still, prominent bass synthesizer and bells add to the song’s eerie mood. Loïc’s dynamic singing sets “Doctor” apart from his previous work. It matches his character’s descent into madness. In the final bridge, he creepily chuckles to himself over his insanity in a perfectly timed accent. (Raphael)

Previous top tracks: “Million Eyes” (#1 in 2016)

Our Top Tracks of 2017 ranking is determined by votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Josh, Robyn, Jonathan, William, Mario, Edd, Mikhail, Antranig, Mike, Renske, Jovana, Sebastian, and Padraig.

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6 years ago

Doctor should’ve been number one. It’s one of a kind. Perfection.