2018 is almost two weeks in, and participants in national selections are dreaming of their chance to sing at the Altice Arena in Lisbon come May. No doubt hosting the contest is a dream come true for Portugal, who, prior to their win in 2017, could only dream of winning the contest after 49 attempts.

January 13 marks international ‘Make Your Dreams Come True’ day, which gives people the opportunity to realise their goals and dreams for the new year (and perhaps take stock of the resolutions you’ve stuck to thirteen days into 2018). Whether you’re making use of that new gym membership, eating a little bit healthier, looking for that special someone or spending more time with family and friends, let’s take a look at some of the Eurovision stars who sang about their dreams on the Eurovision stage.

5. Serhat – “I Didn’t Know”, San Marino 2016

It just wasn’t Eurovision 2016 without Serhat. The Turkish born singer who represented San Marino brought his smoky voice and disco beats to the Stockholm stage with “I Didn’t Know”. It’s all about the early days of a romance – and finding that special someone – who gives you the world. Who could dream of a love like this!

Although Serhat just missed out on a grand final berth, another of Serhat’s dreams came true last year through a collaboration with American diva Martha Wash. The duo re-released “I Didn’t Know” as a duet, tied together with Serhat’s signature flirty facial expressions and Martha’s soulful sounds.

I didn’t know that I’m falling for you
And my dreams could come true
I didn’t know that you’re warm like the sun
Our life has just begun
I didn’t know you’re the one for me
I thought I’d never find
I didn’t know that you wished for the moon
To provide me the light.

4. Kejsi Tola – “Carry Me In Your Dreams”, Albania 2009

Where disco meets ethnic Albanian music, “Carry Me In Your Dreams” told the story of a girl head over heels in love. Although she and her lover were apart, she could feel him, see him and had given her heart to him – it was almost a modern reimagining of Shakespeare.

Modernity hit the Moscow stage too – with Kejsi dressed in a tutu, joined on stage by a man dressed in an all-body disco-studded spandex suit and two Joker-esque backup dancers. All because love works in mysterious ways.

Take my love, take my heart
Carry me with you in your dreams
No, no never let go
Wonder of love – Magical glow.

3. Mélanie René – “Time To Shine”, Switzerland 2015

Switzerland’s Mélanie René delivered some major soul with her R&B-esque song “Time to Shine”. As she told us back in 2015, the lyrics are “a constant reminder for me to stay true to who I am, and to what I believe in, even if it means having to walk alone sometimes. ‘Time to Shine’ is not about bling bling or glitter, but more about embracing who you are.”

She delivered the song with drums, a dress reveal and some serious sass on the Eurovision stage in Vienna. Sadly she didn’t qualify to the grand final, but she does qualify as a serious contender for our dream-achiever’s list.

‘Cause I’m living my dreams
Never been so alive
The sky’s the limit
now that I know I can fly
No more pulling me down, no more mucking around
I’m growing up, I’m growing up
And it’s my time to shine
Yeah, it’s my time to shine

2. Maxi – “Do I Dream?”, Ireland 1973

A look back at Eurovision history reveals a dreamy Irish entry from 1973, where Maxi performed “Do I Dream?” in Luxembourg. In a song all about a sparking young love, a girl’s dreams have been answered when her boyfriend confesses his feelings for her. She then goes on to dream her life with him, amongst the shining sun, coloured flowers, and his loving arms. All together now… aww!

Are we walking close together?
Could we stay like this forever?
Is it true, or am I in a dream?

Will this love go on forever?
Could we share our life together?
Do I dream? Do I dream? Do I dream?

1. Barei – “Say Yay!”, Spain 2016

She was the Spanish pocket-rocket who stormed the Stockholm stage with an instantly danceable track surely to make it onto your exercise playlist. “Say Yay!” was about achieving your dreams through resilience and tenacity. Always the performer, Barei feigned a dramatic fall on the Eurovision stage, only to get back up and dance her signature foot shuffle. Forget about the troubles of yesterday – be the fighter!

Come on and raise your battle cry!
You are the one who never dies!
Hurray! Sing it lalalala!
Go on singing lalalala!
You keep on climbing over hills!
Right now you´re following your dreams!
Hurray! Sing it lalalala! Hurray!
Say yay yay yay!

Which Eurovision hits motivate you to dream big? Which songs would you have added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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Another: “Deixa-me Sonhar” (Portugal 2003) means ‘Let Me Dream’ :p


If this is about dreams, then I must add Thea Garrett’s name. Help her dream come true. 😉

Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina

Where is Lynn Chircop with Dream Again?

Marcus (Day One)
Marcus (Day One)

That’s one of my favorite Eurovision songs 🙂

Don’t let me fall apart
Please don’t break my heart
I love you

You made me dream again


Yulia just got confirmed. Yay




Russians and their fake news.

George Vavatsis
George Vavatsis

Yulia has indeed been prepared for the contest, with 2 songs presented at Russia’s Channel One! However it has not been confirmed that she will represent! At least, this is what I found at the Eurovoix.com site: https://eurovoix.com/2018/01/12/russia-yulia-samoilova-two-songs-prepared-lisbon/

Robyn Gallagher

Whoa there! Yulia has not been confirmed yet. She’s written two potential Eurovision songs and is thinking about staging plans, but Channel One still haven’t said anything about who their act for Lisbon will be.

Tbh, Yulia is playing a very clever PR game! Are any other Russian acts being talks about in relation to Eurovision 2018?

We’ve written about it here:

Mattias Sollerman
Mattias Sollerman

In the immortal words of Eric Saade:
“Stop, don’t say that it’s impossible,
’cause I know, it’s possible.”


How did that song come third?


cause azerbaijan bought votes and ebu pushed italy for jury votes


or because his live vocals were terrible. 🙂 Azerbaijan was just lucky to win the contest, because all of the fan favourites flopped that year with terrible live performances. Azerbaijan’s staging was beautiful, so it probably stood out the most. Tbh, I only liked Italy, Azerbaijan and Slovenia in 2011.