She’s a woman of many talents who has represented Bulgaria twice at Eurovision, hosted Junior Eurovision and served as a judge on The Voice.

And while we’re used to seeing the positive, bright side of the star, she’s proving that she can go dark as well with the release of her latest single “Mr. President”.

The Bulgarian-language track is about men who think they can be the president in their woman’s lives — and Poli needs them to know just how wrong they are.

Poli Genova — “Mr. President”

It depicts the rude and pushy type of man who gets what he wants with money and power rather than charm or goodwill. Miss Genova turns the tables on these sort of men, decreeing that “there is no way this can happen again”. Whether love is a crime or not, these men should definitely be criminals.

The music video paints quite the picture, matching the girl power message of the lyrics. Poli starts as a waitress serving coffee in a small cafe, where she meets the man and antagonist in her story. As night falls, Poli’s dark side comes out — and she’s out for blood. Fancy cars, handcuffs, baseball bats and some slick choreography — the only thing Poli Genova doesn’t have is mercy for her man.

The chorus of “Mr. President” further emphasises Poli’s message. As she sings:

Next to me, you’ll always be second
Please baby boy, don’t worry
There is no way this can happen again
You already know it

The song concludes with the final line of the chorus being replaced with “Az sum Poli” (“I am Poli”). Closing with the lyrics “There is no way this can happen again, I am Poli” is a powerful statement. Poli returns to her day job as a waitress and makes eye contact with a little girl who mouths the last line of the song. With this song of female empowerment, Poli clearly seeks to inspire a new generation of women.

“Mr. President” may be a long way from Poli’s Eurovision entries, but it’s just as fierce. It builds on her sound from “If Love Was a Crime” and her subsequent single “Oshte“, once again showing her ability to captivate the masses regardless of the language.

What do you think of “Mr. President”? Do you like the darker side of Poli Genova? Let us know in the comments below.

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