Erica Jennings withdrew from Eurovizijos atranka earlier this month and criticised the judging panel, a group of people she described as generally less experienced than her who had turned the selection into a “cringeworthy” process.

And now, before filming for the fourth and final heat has gotten under way, the Eurovizijos saga has twisted yet again.

LRT have confirmed that Monika Marija — who just weeks ago won Lietuvos Balsas, the Lithuanian version of The Voice — will compete at this year’s Eurovizijos atranka…with Erica’s song “The Truth”.

Writing on Facebook at the time of her announcement, the singer offered her song to anyone who might be interested and suggested that they get in touch.

And then it happened. Monika’s team phoned, suggesting that she might be able to edit the song and make it her own.

Erica, who previously competed at Eurovision as part of the group SKAMP, had previously met Monika through the Zmones awards ceremony. “She has a very good voice, charisma and sings very sincerely,” she told LRT. “I’m very eager to hear how the song will sound.”

“The Truth”

Monika also explained her last minute decision to enter this year’s competition. “Applications for Eurovizijos atranka were being held during the latest series of Lietuvos Balsas. At that time, I wanted to concentrate on my performances.”

“In my opinion, in order to participate in a competition of the same level as Eurovizijos atranka, one must not only have a strong work ethic, but also a vision of what you are enthusiastic about.” In the end, she was pleased about the whole situation and revealed that her version of “The Truth” will sound very different to Erica’s original version.

As for the twelve remaining participants, here’s a taster on what to expect for this weekend’s show.

Eurovizijos atranka 2018: Heat 4

Dainotas Varnas – “Merry-Go-Round”
El Fuego – “Nors i pasaulio krašta”
Jurgis Bruzga – “I Want You 2 Love Me”
Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “That Girl”
Marija – “This Love”
Marius Petrauskas – “Death by a Kiss”
Ofelija – “Butterfly”
Rasa Kaušiute – “The Silence”
Rugile Daujotaite – “Love is the Flower of Life”
Ruta Loop – “Positive Thoughts”
Silvija Pankunaite – “Real”
The Roop – “Every Morning World I Still Love You”

Do you think that Monika can come to own “The Truth”? Do you think that Erica is a sweetheart to pass the track along? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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5 years ago

Greta Zazza will win

5 years ago

She changed the name of the song too??

5 years ago
Reply to  Kris

No, that’s the actual name. You can search it up on Youtube to find the original sung by Erica.

5 years ago

The song is kind of pretty, but it won’t win