Just a few days after confirming the return of the national final Beovizija, the Radio Television of Serbia unveiled the names of the acts that will be competing for the ticket to Lisbon.

And now, we’ve learned the running order for this year’s show, after a drawing on the Beogradska hronika show today.

Beovizija 2018: Running Order

  1. SevdahBABY – “Hajde da igramo sada”
  2. Rambo Amadeus & Beti Dordevic – “Nema te”
  3. Maja Nikolic – “Zemlja cuda”
  4. Srdan Marjanovic – “Bar da znam”
  5. Ivan Kurtic – “Ni sunca, ni meseca”
  6. Sanja Ilic & Balkanika – “Nova deca”
  7. Koktel Balkan – “Zato”
  8. Boris Režak – “Vila”
  9. Lana & Aldo – “Jaca sam od svih”
  10. Dušan Svilar – “Pod krošnjom bagrema”
  11. Igor Lazarevic – “Beži od mene”
  12. Saška Jankovic – “Pesma za tebe”
  13. Lord – “Samo nek se okrece”
  14. Danijel Pavlovic – “Ruža sudbine”
  15. BASS – “Umoran”
  16. Osmi Vazduh & Friends – “Probudi se”
  17. Biber & DJ Niko Bravo – “Jutro (Svatovi)”

Beovizija 2018: Marija Serifovic & Jelena Karleusa react

After the reveal of the Beovizija acts, Serbian media turned to stars for their reaction. First up was, unsurprisingly, Marija Serifovic, Serbia’s only Eurovision winner. Serbian tabloid Alo were the first to approach Serifovic for a statement.

Marija admitted she did not know the entire line-up for Beovizija, but commented on the entry of her half-brother Danijel Pavlovic: “Great, that is nice, really nice. He has got a terrific song.”

Having already heard Pavolic’s song, “Ruza vetrova“, Marija gave some more details on it. “It is a ballad. It’s a song that he actually wrote few years ago – I believe it’s his composition. It is a really good song.”

Marija also reacted to the participation of Rambo Amadeus (who represented Montenegro at the 2012 contest) and Maja Nikolic, one of the biggest pop stars of the 1990s in Serbia. Short and sweet, Serifovic simply said, “That is nice.”

While Marija’s comments were rgenerally positive, the same can’t be said for Jelena Karleusa. The controversial singer and TV star has long been rumoured as a potential representative of Serbia at Eurovision. Once again though, the rumours have proven to be false.

“That festival has been created to waste money on something that will not give any result,” Karleusa told Alo in a lengthy rant.

Karleusa continues to say:

“The people from RTS that deal with Eurovision do not live in 2018, they live in the past. They are from a completely different story. I think that a person in charge with that should be someone who follows world trends. We have been embarrassing ourselves year in, year out, whilst people give a lot of money for RTS to spend it on their inanities.”

The star also doesn’t rule out applying in the future. She says “I have not applied this year because I think that someone from RTS should plead and ask me properly. Then everything would be completely different.”

Olivera Kovacevic, the head of RTS’ Music Production Department, has previously refused to comment on the idea of Karleusa representing Serbia.

Then, a few months ago, she said: “You have to keep in mind that at Eurovision you sing live. We need someone who can carry that out. If there is an adequate composition for her, then that is okay. We do not have prejudices against anyone.”

Kovacevic’s statement proved controversial, as many interpreted it as a dig at Karleusa’s vocal abilities.

Serifovic & Karleusa speak out for LGBT Rights

Serifovic and Karleusa have also recently been part of a growing scandal on the talk show Cirilica. The episode featured the members of the jury of Zvezde Granda – including Karleusa, Serifovic and popular singer Aca Lukas – as guests. At one point, the conversation shifted from Zvezde Granda and popular music to the LGBT rights in Serbia.

Both Karleusa — who is a supporter of LGBT rights and who spoke at Belgrade Pride in September 2017 — and the openly bisexual Serifovic argued with their fellow judge, Lukas.

Serifovic spoke out, explaining “I am a Eurovision winner. I performed at prides in Milan, Stockholm, Berlin. People go there to have fun, to socialize, they come with their families. At such gatherings there are always a lot of straight people, they come with their children, and there is nothing bad going on there, no one points their finger at anyone. […] Let gays be gays, and straight people be straight.”

Karleusa and Serifovic’s statements came as responses to Lukas’s unfavourable remarks on LGBT community, especially to his comment that they have more rights in Serbia than heterosexual people. The discussion became very heated and intense, and involved a lot of profanities.

Serifovic and Karleusa might not have managed to change Lukas’s opinion, but at least what they said will hopefully inspire other people to consider their attitudes towards those who are different.

Are you looking forward to Beovizija 2018? Do you think that Jelena Karleusa should be Serbia’s act for Eurovision? Let us know all in the comments section below!

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Photo credits: official Facebook pages of Jelena Karleusa and Marija Serifovic

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5 years ago

All your comments are very stupid.

Josh Kennon
Josh Kennon
5 years ago

Song translations: 1. “Hajde da igramo sada” — “Let’s Play Now” 2. “Nema te” — “You Are Not Here” 3. “Zemlja cuda” — “Wonderland” 4. “Bar da znam” — “At Least I Know” 5. “Ni sunca, ni meseca” — “No Sun, No Month” 6. “Nova deca” — “New Kids” 7. “Zato” — “Therefore” 8. “Vila” — “Fairy” 9. “Jaca sam od svih” — “I Am Stronger Than All” 10. “Pod krošnjom bagrema” — “Under The Canopy” 11. “Beži od mene” — “Run Away From Me” (but could also be “Get Away From Me”, “Go Away From Me”, or “Get Off… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Josh Kennon

Some of these are not correct translations.

1. Let’s dance now
4. If I get to know
5. Neither sun, nor moon
7. Because
13. Just let it turn around

Polegend Godgarina
5 years ago

The original Beyoncé and Lady Gaga stays unbothered by these OKHs trying it.

5 years ago

“You have to keep in mind that at Eurovision you sing live. We need someone who can carry that out.”
lol the shade

Milan S.
Milan S.
5 years ago

This Karleuša woman actually thinks that she has a fan base, which is really sad. Whoever thinks that she would be a good choice for Serbia should take a look at: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x47dd7 (after 1:15).

5 years ago
Reply to  Milan S.

Karleuša has the biggest fan base in Serbia and you have to admit that no matter you like her or not.
And she explained herself about that video! Also that was 10 years ago, she progressed a lot since then.