It’s been a long road, but tonight Lithuania presents the fourth and final heat of Eurovizijos Atranka. We’ll meet the final group of competing artists before the competition amps up in the weeks ahead.

From tonight’s 13 only six will survive. Let’s get to know some of them…

Monika Marija

The newest addition to the preselection, Monika Marija will sing “The Truth” — the song Erica Jennings entered with before withdrawing over the “cringeworthy” judging process. Monika has reworked the original and will unveil it tonight.

Just after her win on The Voice of Lithuania, Monika was encouraged to compete in Eurovizijos Atranka. She previously had plans to try out, but since she was still competing on The Voice she just didn’t have enough time to see it through. But after Erica withdrew and offered her song to other performers publicly, the stars aligned and here she is.

Monikos Marijos debiutas „Eurovizijoje" LR 2018 02 01

Monika Marija „Eurovizijoje" su Erikos Jennings daina „The Truth".

Posted by Labas rytas, Lietuva on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kotryna Juodzeviciute

Kotryna is back for the second year in a row — and she’s bringing a change of direction with “That Girl”. In 2015 Kotryna won Lietuvos Balsas (The Voice of Lithuania) with her coach Donny Montell and since then she’s gotten used to the spotlight. With much more experience under her belt, she’s hopeful to return to the final — and go even higher this time.

Kotryna Juodzevi?i?t? – THAT GIRL LR 2018 01 31

Kotryna š?ryt pristat? savo dain? THAT GIRL, su kuria dalyvauja nacionalin?je Eurovizijos atrankoje. Galb?t antras kartas nemeluos? Sprendžiate J?s. #eurovizija2018 #thatgirl #KotrynaJuodzevi?i?t? #labasrytaslietuva #LRT_TV

Posted by Labas rytas, Lietuva on Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Marija Grabstaite rose to prominence on Lithuanian X Factor where she made it all the way to the live shows. But now she’s ready to try her luck in Eurovizijos Atranka with her first-ever solo song “This Love”.

“This song is about freedom, love, security and pursuing them,” she says. “I want to inspire everyone not to give up, to seek that light, and not stay in the darkness.” Well sign us up!

The Roop

This new, fresh-sounding pop rock band were the first to announce their participation in Eurovision Atranka. The band’s voice and soul Vaidotas Valiukevicius shares his story behind the song.

“‘Yes, I Do’ is about me. More than a year ago I was diagnosed with depression. It has been a rough period. Every night the mood would go down massively, however every morning would bring hope, albeit small. I would feel much better in the morning. The morning, to me, symbolizes life and hope – that’s why in the chorus we sing ‘Every morning, World, I still love you.'”

Rasa Kausiute

This woman is not new to Eurovizijos Atranka fans. Her first try was way back in 2004 and this year marks attempt #4. Last year Rasa was in the selection as well but did not make it far. Now she’s trying her luck with “Silence” written by Matthew Vassallo from Malta. She says: “The main theme of the song – being true to yourself which is extremely important and relevant to absolutely all people. Therefore, I really want to convey this message.”


Liepa Maknaviciute – Ofelija is a an up and coming singer in Lithuania. In 2016 she released her first album and was nominated for a M.A.M.A. (the biggest music awards in Lithuania) in the “breakthrough of the year” category. This young lady is also a model and has staged concerts in China. Her song “Butterfly” is an up-tempo modern club banger but will it do well in the preselection?

Dainotas Varnas and Ruta Loop

These two have already participated in the big Eurovision as Vaidas and Monika’s backing vocalists in 2015. Dainotas and Ruta are a true couple in real life but in this preselection they compete as individual singers — Dainotas with his song “Merrygoround” and Ruta with “Positive Thoughts”. They met on The Voice of Lithuania. Can both of them advance to the next round?


Ruta Loop – Positive Thoughts
Jurgis Bruzga – For Love
Ofelija – Butterfly
Dainotas Varnas – Merrygoround
Rugile Daujotaite – Love is the Flower of Life
Kotryna Juodzeviciute – That Girl
Marius Petrauskas – Death by a Kiss
Silvija Pankunaite – Real
El Fuego – I Do Believe
Marija – This Love
Rasa Kausiute – Silence
The Roop – Yes I Do
Monika Marija – The Truth

What do you think of the last heat acts? Who’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Neon Animal
Neon Animal
3 years ago

She’s my friend, but I’m super rooting for Rugil?! She’s the most genuine and loving person and incredibly talented (she was on the live shows of the voice, toured in Mexico, and competed last year too). I’m hoping her song this year is just as amazing as last years, touching a spiritual/indigenous depth as she blends this with modern production, and that her message and intentionality can connect to the audience!