The early bird catches the worm! Norway recently became the first country to confirm for Eurovision 2019, opening submissions for Melodi Grand Prix 2019 on the NRK’s website.

But before the broadcaster starts selecting songs for 2019, the Norwegian public have a job of their own to do – choosing their Eurovision 2018 entry.

The choice includes a slew of returnees, including Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak. Also joining him are Norway’s 2011 and 2017 representatives, Stella Mwangi (who’s joined forces with Alexandra) and Aleksander Walmann.

MGP 2013 participant Tom Hugo also returns for another shot, while Ida Maria has MGP songwriting experience after penning Ella’s “Mama Boy” last year.

Kjetil Mørland (one half of Norway’s Eurovision 2015 entry) also returns as a songwriter for Rebecca. But don’t count out the MGP newbies. Alejandro Fuentes, Charla K, Nicoline and Vidar Villa all still have a shot at victory. It’s going to be a tough decision, y’all.

Now you’ve had some time to listen to the songs, we want to know who your favourites are. If you need a refresher you can listen to all ten songs in the wiwibloggs MGP 2018 playlist below, and then vote in our poll. 

You can vote for as many songs as you like, but remember – you can only vote once! Be sure to tick the boxes for each song you like before hitting the submit button.

We’ll close the poll on Friday 9th March, just before MGP takes place on Saturday 10th. But in the meantime, once you’ve voted make sure to share all your thoughts about this year’s MGP line-up in the comments section below!

Melodi Grand Prix 2018 – Playlist

Melodi Grand Prix 2018 – Poll

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Sage Anderson

Come on, guys. We ALL know that Rybak’s only entering the competition this year with this song because Salvador beat his record last year and this is him trying to make a big “F*%# you” out of it.

This is not a good idea on Rybak’s part because there’s no way in hell he’s gonna win or top the success of fairytale. This new song isn’t even that good…

Don’t choose this JUST BECAUSE it’s him. It won’t end the way you hope it will.


We need something catchy and funny this year, and Alexander Rybak’s song will have a great chance in Portugal. His stage performance is always on top, and people will love it. Please don’t send a ballad to Portugal. There are plenty of them already, we need something that lighten up the mood. So Norway, go for Rybak 🙂


Except for Alexander Rybak, great songs….
Norway will certainly have a nice contestant.

“Tengo otra” could have been this year’s Spain song. Much better.


If I want to listen to Justin timberlake I just search for Justin Timberlake on spotify…


If Norway is smart they choose Scandilove.. there is something about rebecca’s song that reminds me of some Junior Eurovision songs.. hmm

Andy Keith

Well I for one have been playing ‘Who we are’ on repeat a LOT the past few weeks. I think it’s excellent – great build up, great voice, great film clip and great writer/producer (Morland).

I also love Scandilove but I’m placing my bet on Who we are.

At the moment, Iceland, Norway and Denmark didn’t impress me, meaning there are not many good songs in each selection. There are 2 or 3 that stand out and the others are in the middle. So, I count on Sweden this year. Speaking of the returnees: Aleksander Walmann has a good pop song, I really like it. I’m not sure if it’s ideal for a Eurovision stage, but I said the same thing last year so I’ll wait and see. Stella’s duet is not my cup of tea. I’m not a great fun of this kind of songs. Rybak has… Read more »

A good selection of songs overall, but for me there is not the slightest doubt: my favorite is “Who we are” by Rebecca.


Any of the former ESC entrants would be a decent choice


Yeah… this is not a good selection. Too many songs sound the same (generic upbeat/funk song, too many horns).
Aleks Walmann is my fav but I was expecting much better from him. Based on these songs alone, I think Norway will struggle a little this year…


Rebecca is probably best choice, Walmann is catchy but is a little repetitive and annoying. Rybak’s song is just pure garbage and Stella’s sounds like it belongs on the Disney channel. The rest of the songs are so borderline that I can’t really comment on them

Ireland in the house y’all
Ireland in the house y’all

it has to be nicoline or ida maria


That’s how NOT to write a song, Alexander Rybak this year you made the list of songs that everyone hate but may publickly never admit in fear of repercussions. On the other hand “talk to the hand” such a perfec pop song, predictable, yet fun to listen and probably watch. But we all know the bigger figure is Alexander rybak so, prepare to NOT qualify at esc.


Five great, three okay and two bad songs, in my opinion, it’s a really good selection that can please me with various outcomes.
1. Charla K – “Stop The Music”
2. Aleksander Walmann – “Talk To The Hand”
3. Vidar Villa – “Moren Din”
4. Stella & Alexandra – “You Got Me”
5. Rebecca – “Who We Are”
6. Tom Hugo – “I Like I Like I Like”
7. Ida Maria — “Scandilove”
8. Alexander Rybak – “That’s How You Write A Song”
9. Nicoline – “Light Me Up”
10. Alejandro Fuentes – “Tengo Otra”


Either “Scandilove” or “Who We Are”. I think those two are the only ones that grabbed me upon my first listen. I’d be happy if “Talk To The Hand” won too. Maybe “That’s How You Write a Song” too.
But pleeeeaaase, don’t let “Moren Din” win. Vær så snill, Norge!

To be honest though, this is probably the weakest Melodi Grand Prix line-up in a while. And NRK said that about 1200 songs were submitted. Was this lot really the best they got? I said this last year, and I’ll say it again: NRK needs to bring back the semi-finals for MGP.


What is this trash. It’s like they almost didn’t try.


This is a very strong selection, second best after France (so far). The Alexanders are both favourites of mine, although it’s clear judging by the songs that they’re just having fun with their performances and don’t have any great ambitions. “Stop the music” is a beautiful song (with a similar message as last year’s entry) that has the potential to do well in the actual contest. I don’t hear what’s so great about “Who we are” honestly.


Scandilove is a must


“Who We Are” is my favorite, but I would be also fine with “Talk to the Hand” and “Scandilove”.


I never thought I say any part of this sentence ever, but Norway has the best reggaeton entry in an Eurovision National Final so far. Just because of that, I’d go for Tengo Otra. It sounds like authentic reggaetón instead of just a misinterpreted Despacito copy.

A Eurovision winner should only make a come-back with something really exceptional, so as to not tarnish their reputation. Just like many winners before him, Alexander Rybak’s attempt only goes to show how little it actually means to win this competition in terms of becoming a force to be reckoned with after your victory. There was nothing noteworthy after “Fairytale”, in my opinion. Given its title, I’d say his new song is mocking itself. Now, I’d probably go for “Stop The Music”, or “Who We Are”, two mildly enjoyable songs, although I had higher hopes for the latter, given the… Read more »

1. Charla K / Stop the music 6/10
2. Aleksander Walmann / Talk to the hand 6/10
3. Alexander Rybak / That’s how you write a song 6/10

As you can see – I wasn’t really wowed by any of the songs. I don’t really hate any of them, but nothing’s stands out.


1. Alexander Rybak – “That’s How You Write A Song” 9/10
2. Aleksander Walmann – “Talk To The Hand” 8/10
3. Rebecca – “Who We Are” 8/10

I don’t like the other songs.


Grab the moment is the song I listen to most from Eurovision 2017 ..
talk to the hand doesn’t have the same impact .. but I love Aleksander Walmann … he is such a sexy hunk of man

None of them really stand out, but there are some songs that could work with the proper staging. For me: 1. Nicoline – Light me up 2. Rebecca – Who We Are —– (Big gap) —– 3. Alejandro Fuentes – Tengo otra 4. Alexander Walmann – Talk to the Hand All of them are well-produced and sounds like quality material, but overall I don’t feel anything. I love Jowst & Alexander’s “Grab the Moment”, but “Talk to the Hand” isn’t going to replicate that success as it is average and has nothing special at all. I would go for Nicoline’s… Read more »

I’m still baffled as to why Alexander would make his comeback with such a non-song. He can’t win…right?


I could see it going to the final with the right staging, plus it’s catchy and has Alexander being Alexander, but I dunno. I like some of the songs here, but as others have said, it doesn’t look like we’re going back to Oslo next year.


Scandilove would be an amazing winner


Rebecca – Who we are is IMO the best song for Norway this year. It’s a Top 5 song at ESC but we still need to wait the staging and everything can change. I see Talk to The Hand and Rybak as great outsiders but with less potential at Eurovision


I’m absolutely obsessed with “You Got Me”, so they have my vote in the poll. I’m curious for everyone’s staging though, because staging will likely be a gamechanger for any of the songs.


1. Aleksander Walmann: Talk To the Hand
2. Rebecca: Who We Are

Polegend Godgarina

Scandilove, but only because none of the others stands out.

irish esc

rebecca ftw
morland wrote it and it is a masterpiece and deserves to win
: )

Marcus (Day One)

Talk to the hand is miles ahead of the other songs.

I hope Alexander doesn’t win because of his fame as his song is nothing special.


This is actually a difficult question, I have at least four I can justify votes for. Well done, Norway 🙂

Frisian esc