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Earlier this week, we asked you to name your favourite acts from Romania‘s Selectia Nationala Semi-Final 4. The results are in and we have an undisputed winner: Feli, with her upbeat entry “Buna de iubit”. In tonight’s show, three acts will advance to the National Final. So who are your two other qualifiers?

The fourth semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2018 starts at 20:00 CET tonight in Turda, in the spectacular Rudolf salt mine, 90 meters underground. Twelve acts will compete for three spots in Romania’s grand final. The jury will send the three acts through, and in the 25 February final the winner will be picked solely by the public via televote.

686 of our readers voted in our Semi-Final 4 poll for the best acts of Semi-Final 4, and we have three winners: Feli, Lion’s Roar and Nicoleta Ticala.

1. Feli – “Buna de iubit”

Feli emerged as a front runner of Selectia Nationala from the moment she was announced as a contestant. While the Romanian singer, whose real name is Felicia Donose, is best known for her raspy voice and her sweeping ballads, she chose to enter Romania’s national selection for Eurovision with “Buna de iubit” (Good For Loving), an unabashedly affirmative, happy-go-lucky song with Spanish, Arabic, and African undertones. Feli dismissed fears of withdrawing after her father passed away at the end of January and seems poised to prove that she can overcome her personal tragedy with a smile on her face. You go, girl!

Feli unequivocally won our Semi-Final 4 poll with an impressive 53.21% of the vote. Basically, more than half our readers back her entry “Buna de iubit”. Unlike her live audition, when she sang a Spanish version of the song, the singer will perform in Romanian. This should further impress the judges, who have been consistently supportive of Romanian language entries. Hopefully, she will avoid the fate of other fan favourites like Serena and Elena Hasna, who crashed and burned in their respective live shows. But given her voice and the competition, our money is on Feli getting top marks from most if not all jury members tonight.

2. Lion’s Roar – “Rekindle the Flame”

Lion’s Roar, a six-member symphonic metal band founded in January 2017, is your second favourite act of the night. Their song “Rekindle The Flame” will likely sound amazing in the Rudolf salt mine, and their rock opera sound is bound to get them top marks from a jury that has been very rock friendly so far. With 7.87% of the votes, Lion’s Roar is your second favourite act of this heat.

3. Nicoleta Ticala – “Una Oportunidad”

A third season Voice Of Romania alum, Nicoleta Ticala is your third favourite for tonight’s semi-final of Selectia Nationala. The Romanian singer chose to enter the national selection with a Spanish songwriter with a Spanish song, “Una Oportunidad” (One Chance). With 41 votes — just one vote ahead of fourth place Alice Jeckel — Nicoleta got 5.98% of our reader’s ballot. We’ll see tonight if the Romanian jury will give her the chance to repeat her performance in the National Final.

Full results

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The fourth semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2018 will start at 20:00 CET tonight and will be broadcast live on TVR 1, TVR International, TVR Moldova and online on TVR Plus. It will also be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of broadcaster TVR.

SEMI-FINAL 4 line-up

  1. Feli – “Buna de iubit”
  2. ZØLTAN – “Daca dragostea e oarba”
  3. TIRI – “Desrt de sentimente”
  4. Paula Crisan – “I Am Here”
  5. Cristian Siminonescu – “Nirvana”
  6. Alice Jeckel – “Out Of The Dark”
  7. Dan Manciulea – “Raza de soare”
  8. Lion’s Roar – “Rekindle The Flame”
  9. Claudia Andas – “The One”
  10. Ioana Ciornea – “Time After Time”
  11. Bernice Chitiul – “Too Busy For My Heart”
  12. Nicoleta Ticala – “Una oportunidad”

Tonight’s semi-final promises to be the most spectacular yet. Staged 90 meters underground in the natural environment of Europe’s most beautiful salt mine, the show will include performances by  the 2009 Eurovision representative Elena and vocal group Ad Libitum Voices. As usual, the 2013 representative Cezar Ouatu and actress Diana Dumitrescu will be the hosts of the evening.

At the end of the show, the jury made up of Ilinca Bacila, Viorel Gravrila, Marian Ionescu, Liliana Stefan and Nicu Patoi will choose third acts to advance to the National Final on 25 February. This year, TVR is staging five semi-finals in five different cities, and three acts will advance to the grand final from each of them. At the grand final in the capital Bucharest, the winner will be crowned solely by the public, via televote.

What do you think about our readers’ qualifiers? Do you agree that these are the three most deserving acts of the night? Sound off below!



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6 years ago

Feli, Tiri and Claudia Andas. Good choices and it was a better semifinal than the previous one.

6 years ago

The 3 qualifiers:

Feli – 43 points
TIRI – 43 points
Claudia Andas – 56 points

6 years ago

I hope Feli will not be like Serena-Safari. It will be weird if we lose Feli too.

6 years ago
Reply to  tamar

No way they will leave her in the semis. I’d say 90% she’s going to Lisbon.

6 years ago

i bet feli won’t make it. these juries are so old fashioned and corrupt