Earlier this year, Laura Rizzotto won the right to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with “Funny Girl”.

And on Saturday the Brazilian-Latvian singer had to the chance to perform in Riga for the first Eurovision Pre Party of the year.

Not only did she sing her Eurovision entry, but she also performed songs from her EP “Ruby” along with a cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You”.

Making Music For Years

Although she may be new to the Eurovision scene, Laura is no stranger to the music industry, as she has been writing and releasing music since she was 12 years old.

With two albums and one EP under her belt, the Brazilian-born singer-songwriter has also attended prestigious schools all over the United States, and currently resides in New York City.

Laura is also multi-lingual, speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English, and she’s currently learning Latvian. Sony Music hired her to be Jennifer Lopez‘s Portuguese language coach. It’s safe to say she won’t have any problems finding her way around Lisbon.

So how did Laura get involved with Eurovision from the other side of the Atlantic? Over the weekend she told wiwiblogger Chris Halpin that she had, “been following Eurovision for years.” But it was only this year she decided to give it a go — after she “bumped into a story about Supernova” while planning a summer trip to Latvia.

Precious Stones to Supernova Victory

Her entry comes from a series of EPs that Laura will be releasing called the “Precious Stones” collection. And as you likely guessed, it’s filled with gems — and some sparkling titles.

“Ruby” — the first EP in the series — was released last October. “Funny Girl” comes from the yet to be released EP “Amber”. She tells us:

Amber is an homage to my Baltic roots, my Latvian roots, and a little bit more soulful and bluesy, still within pop, but more soulful in approach. Funny Girl is actually a part of Amber, and I was gonna wait to release it, but then it got picked and I guess it’s coming out.

Staging For Lisbon

When asked about what she has planned for Lisbon, Laura suggested she’ll be tweaking her Supernova stage show.

I definitely want it to be about the song, and I think that in Supernova that was delivered well, but yeah we got some ideas, and I am glad to be here because I am working with Latvian professionals for everything, and it’s going to be a fun time.

Rizzotto or Risotto

We also asked Laura how to pronounce her last name. Does it sound like the Italian rice dish?

It’s just like the food, it’s Rizzotto, it’s spelt differently though, it’s two Zs and two Ts. But yea, if it helps you remember, it’s just like the food.

We are definitely hungry and can’t wait to catch up with Laura again at the Madrid Pre Party.

Are you a fan of Laura and Funny Girl? What is your favourite type of risotto? Comment down below?

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Great song from a very vivid and beautiful young lady. Good luck to you, Laura.


Good luck Laura! Please please dare at the staging. Doesn’t matter whether it’s simple, dark, but dare… to showcase the song at it’s best.


I also agree that she is underrated and she will do very well.


Latvia is so underrated! And there should be more comments here!


Good luck.