They all share the Baltic Sea and a deep love of Eurovision. But at this year’s song contest they will, of course, be judged separately. And this year the nations of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are each serving their unique take on girl power. But who of these three Baltic queens impresses you the most?

At first sight it seems like the Baltic nations all have the same formula for Eurovision 2018: a beautiful female with a gorgeous voice! But if you look (and listen) more closely the three ladies bring us very individual styles and attitudes.

Elina from Estonia serves angelic opera voice realness. Ieva from Lithuania hopes to touch our hearts by singing about the love of her life in a very authentic way. And Latvia’s Laura Rizzotto seeks to fill the Altice Arena with pure Latvian-Brazilian sensuality.

With that in mind, it’s time to decide on your favourite. You can listen to each song below and then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote once. Be sure to click the box next to each act you want to support before pressing submit.

Estonia: Elina Nechayeva with “La Forza”

Ever since Estonia’s broadcaster revealed the national selection songs in December, Elina has had Eurovision fans under her spell with this dreamy operatic ballad. Estonians liked it as much as international fans did and the song won Eesti Laul 2018 in a landslide.

What do you think about ‘La Forza’? Is it too special to be enjoyed in a pop song contest or do you find it as magical as the bookies do?

Lithuania: Ieva Zasimauskaite with “When We’re Old”

Both the judges and the viewers in Lithuania favoured Ieva in almost every show of their long-running selection Eurovizijos atranka 2018. She made it through to the final where she was joined on stage by her real-life husband, singing the last phrases of her song to him in Lithuanian. After this intense moment, Ieva won the ticket to Lisbon. Awwww.

Can she also snatch your vote with “When We’re Old”?

Latvia: Laura Rizzotto with “Funny Girl”

After coming last in the semi final last year, Latvia will try to win over Europe with the Brazilian-born Laura Rizzotto. Her song, which could easily sit on a 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, comes across as very sensual and modern without being typically mainstream.

Do you think Laura is a real competitor in Lisbon or is she nothing but a Funny Girl to you? Let us know below.


Don’t forget to watch our interviews with Ieva from Lithuania and Mrs. Rizzotto from Latvia. And be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section down below.

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three friendly, young, talented and all the cute competitors. I have a small preference for leva, the sweetness of her voice, the piano chords that accompany it, it’s in the lineage of Dido while having a grain of modern voice.


Strong women, weak songs.

poe-tay-toe chips

None of the three are really my cup of tea tbh…

Baltica Now! Slovenian ESC Diplomacy
Baltica Now! Slovenian ESC Diplomacy

1. Lithuania – Just like it!
2. Estonia – Needs to improve live performance
3. Latvia – Like it, but lyrics…


Estonia at this point. We really don’t know about the other two on stage. Estonia showed its cards already and these are very strong. Contending for the win. Can she also get more impressive? Maybe.


She won’t have that big dress and projection in Portugal


I think this year all Baltic countries songs are strong, and they all will do great at Eurovision.

Polegend Godgarina

Estonia has the only listenable one.


Couldn’t expect a different answer from you. But since you’re a grungy b*tch with a constant hate towards Lithuania/Latvia, it doesn’t matter actually.


Estonia and “La Forza” didn’t do anything to me because it’s kind a bit forced from the beginning to the end. So I don’t understand the hype surrounded this song back then when it was on national final. On the other hand, I really like Lithuania and Latvia. I adore the way they convey the emotion as Lithuania wears simplicity while Latvia has this sultry feeling in it. However, Latvia could’ve had better lyrics and should’ve elevated the arrangement though…


1. Lithuania 2/43 , 9.5/10
2. Estonia 4/43, 9.0/10
3. Latvia 41/43, 4.5/10


I don’t really like any of them tbh. La Forza is definitely a show song and it will either be a winner or fall completely apart depending on the staging. With no dress and projections this simply won’t work I’m afraid. As for Lithuania and Latvia, I wrote before that almost all songs in their selections were better. I mean Paula 1-2-3 should have won Lithuania NF or Yes I do. Those would be both my Top 5, Paula even winner, but now LT and LV are Bottom 10 for me.


This year is a good Baltic song year. My prefered song of the three is LATVIAN song, but I bet also Estonian song will reach the final.


I’m not as excited with the Baltics as I was last year (where are you Estonia 2017?). However, it’s a nice try, all of them have decent songs. If I have to choose, I’ll choose Estonia. It’s not a winner for me, but Elina just elevates the song so much! She is amazing!


They were lost in Verona

esc freak

All of them are great.


Both Estonia and Lithuania are in my top 10 as 4th and 6th. Latvia is also very good. I’d say I prefer all Baltic entries of 2018 to all three of 2017.


Lithuania 10/10.
Latvia 10/10.
Estonia 10/10

A Furious Spaniard

Sorry, where is Almaia in the poll. I want to vote them and I can’t.


Se puede ser más ignorante? No…
Nk sé si te has dado cuenta de que pone cuál de la canciones bálticas te gusta más, que yo sepa nosotros no somos bálticos, los de allí son Estonia, Letonia y Lituania. España también me gusta y la votaría (aunque no es justo, porque no se puede votar a tu país), pero si estas en una encuesta de los tres países bálticos, no te esperes encontrarte a España


A joke, capisci?! Ni siquiera entiendes una broma?! O eres furioso que no puedes votar una vez mas con Tu cancion?


This has to be trolling from someone who is not spaniard, following the rigged polls constant complain.

Okay. I laughed afterwards.


So we have to choose between La Wanka, Whiny Girl and Boring Trash.

I’ll pick the least generic one. Eesti that is.


1. Lithuania
2. Estonia
3. Latvia


1. Latvia (enjoyable song to listen to)
2. Estonia (too good for Eurovision, this is not the right contest for opera)
3. Lithuania ( too boring)


I also like Latvia a lot!


We will get old sometime.
Love from SPAIN


It’s very easy for me and I agree with the poll the way it looks right now:
1. Estonia
2. Lithuania
3. Latvia

Life is a drag

Next poll: which is the best song sung by a left-handed vocalist?


Ok, just stop with these unnecessary polls already, it’s getting ridiculous

John Moynahan
Well done The Baltics All 3 nations have brought quality this year Latvia would be the one I like the least. It is good but just not hitting the heights that the other 2 hit. You couldn’t get a bigger contrast between Lithuania and Estonia. One a beautiful quiet ballad with complete simplicity and the other a magnificent “popera” masterpiece The live performances will, as always, be crucial. Estonia needs the dress as a visual focal point, Lithuania needs not to be swallowed up by the running order and Latvia needs it’s semi final 2 rivals to be as poor… Read more »

Latvia, by far

I’d have to say Estonia is the strongest Baltic State entry this year. It’s different, it’s strong and it’s performed well. Latvia is a bit of a disappointment for me really, they’ve been doing so well the past few years. Granted they didn’t qualify last year with Triana Park but I think that was the staging that let them down as the song was really good. This year is just unimpressive. Lithuania is quite inoffensive. I neither like or dislike this song. It’s quite inoffensive and leaves me numb. Perhaps a strong performance in Lisbon or strong staging will elevate… Read more »

I would like to see a pull about the best opera act i ESC from the start until today