Every year we wait for the contestants and their songs to be revealed, pick our favourites and then tune in each week to see if we backed the winning horse. But in the end, while hundreds enter, only a select few emerge as victors of their respective national finals.

This year 29 acts can claim that honour. But they’ll have to up their game even more if they want to be crowned the champion of Eurovision 2018. Out of the frying pan and into the fire indeed!

At the end of March we asked you which of these acts was your favourite. And after counting a whopping 14,640 votes we can reveal that you picked France’s Madame Monsieur and their song “Mercy” as your number one.

The French duo were one of the first 2018 acts to be selected, but you obviously still have their song firmly ingrained in your mind and soul. They received 1,186 votes, or 8.1% of the overall total.

France’s newly formed Destination Eurovision was seen as one of this year’s best national finals, with five of those that didn’t win making into team wiwi’s top 30 national final songs of 2018 — Emmy Liyanna took first spot overall.

After fighting off this very stiff competition though, Madame Monsieur continued to enchant fans during the pre-party season and now hover around sixth in the odds (and continue to shorten). Could they be this year’s dark horse?

Second place goes to Finland’s Saara Aalto, who earned 1,017 votes , or 6.95%. After a shaky start following her UMK performance of “Monsters”, Saara has gotten back on track with subsequent performances across Europe. No doubt YLE are still aiming high. Time will tell if their staging plans have been refined enough to avoid one big hot mess in Lisbon.

Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa also claims a podium spot. You sent 991 votes (6.77%) his way. Hailed as one of the best male vocalists in this year’s contest, Eugent has delivered stellar performances of “Mall” at pre-parties in Amsterdam and Madrid. Could he finally be the one to take Albania back to the grand final?

This year’s host nation lands in fourth position, with Portugal’s Cláudia Pascoal getting 898 votes (6.13%) for her paired back song “O Jardim”. And Estonia’s Elina Nechayeva rounds out the top five with her operatic entry “La Forza”. She received 872 votes (5.96%).

Other fan favourites Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Sweden complete the top ten.

Full Results

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Rehearsals begin this coming Sunday 29 April, where we’ll finally get a glimpse of how each of these 29 acts have improved (or fallen down) since their national final performances. But they’ll also have 14 internally selected entries to fight off as well – the competition is only just beginning!

So do you agree with the result? Are you still singing “Mercy” all these months later? And which act do you think will have improved the most since their national final performance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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