Since mid-March, the class of 2018 has been criss-crossing across Europe and attending various pre-parties in order to introduce themselves to both the public and their fellow competitors.

From Riga to London, Moscow to Tel Aviv, and Amsterdam to Madrid — frequent flyer miles and a bucket load of fun awaited all the Eurovision 2018 hopefuls.

Three of the biggest parties were undoubtedly those held in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, where the acts came together (no pun intended) and sang their hearts out to fans from across the continent. And after all three, we asked y’all just one question — which act performed best? The results are in.

London Eurovision Party 2018

All the acts were at the top of their game and the votes were evenly spread among them, but it was Bulgaria’s Equinox who completely wowed everyone from Des Moines to the Iberian peninsula.

The common framework memorably loved “beyond the bones” during their very first live performance and took Café de Paris, and probably most of Europe, by storm.

Coming in a close second is Lithuania’s Ieva Zasimauskaite. Third spot belonged to Spain’s Amaia y Alfred.

Equinox’ act was simple yet unbelievably strong. They stood in a row on stage and let their voices carry the song. Trey set the tone, while Zhana ended proceedings with a bang. It is safe to say that Equinox came, saw and blew us all away with their flawless harmonies.

Poll results: Who had the best live performance at LEP 2018?

  1. Bulgaria: Equinox “Bones” 14.73% (1,797 Votes)
  2. Lithuania: Ieva Zazimauskaite “When We’re Old” 12.92% (1,576 Votes)
  3. Spain: Alfred & Amaia “Tu Canción” 12.01% (1,465 Votes)
  4. Finland: Saara Aalto “Monsters” 9.05% (1,104 Votes)
  5. Poland: Gromee Feat.Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up” 7.99% (975 Votes)
  6. Australia: Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love” 7.21% (879 Votes)
  7. France: Madame Monsieur “Mercy” 6.99% (853 Votes)
  8. Austria: Cesár Sampson “Nobody But You” 4.8% (586 Votes)
  9. Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me” 3.82% (466 Votes)
  10. Ireland: Ryan O´Shaughnessy “Together” 3.7% (451 Votes)
  11. Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off” 3.22% (393 Votes)
  12. Switzerland: Zibbz “Stones” 3.08% (376 Votes)
  13. UK: Surie “Storm” 2.53% (309 Votes)
  14. Denmark: Rasmussen “Higher Ground” 2.4% (293 Votes)
  15. Germany: Michael Schulte “You Let Me Walk Alone” 2.39% (292 Votes)
  16. San Marino: Jessica And Jenifer Brening “Who We Are” 1.3% (159 Votes)
  17. Montenegro: Vanja Radovanovic “Inje” 1.03% (126 Votes)
  18. Iceland: Ari Ólafsson “Our Choice” 0.81% (99 Votes)

Total Votes: 12,199

Israel Calling 2018

Next stop was the party city of Tel Aviv. Israel called the contestants and they gladly answered. It was a star-studded night, and everyone gave their all on the huge stage in the city’s Rabin Square. But who was the best of the best?

Well, after casting more than 12,000 votes, our readers crowned the adorable lovebirds Amaia y Alfred as their favourites. Israel’s homegirl Netta came in second, while France’s Madame Monsieur secured bronze.

The OT duo had made some slight changes to their staging since London. Instead of playing instruments, the two walked towards each other, creating a beautiful moment as they joined together. Simple and elegant, it’s a well deserved victory for the lovely couple.

Poll results: Who was your favorite at Israel Calling 2018?

  1. Spain: Almaia Y Alfred “Tu Canción” 13.46% (1,697 Votes)
  2. Israel: Netta “Toy” 12.47% (1,573 Votes)
  3. France: Madame Monsieur “Mercy” 7.5% (946 Votes)
  4. Lithuania: Ieva Zasimauskaité “When We’re Old” 6.39% (806 Votes)
  5. Romania: The Humans “Goodbye” 6% (757 Votes)
  6. Australia: Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love” 5.54% (699 Votes)
  7. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Eye Cue “Lost And Found” 5% (630 Votes)
  8. Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef “Lie To Me” 3.89% (490 Votes)
  9. Ireland: Ryan O’shaughnessy “Together” 3.71% (468 Votes)
  10. Slovenia: Lea Sirk “Hvala, Ne!” 3.5% (442 Votes)
  11. Belarus: Alekseev “Forever” 3.3% (416 Votes)
  12. Belgium: Sennek “A Matter Of Time” 3.27% (413 Votes)
  13. Armenia: Sevak “Qami” 2.92% (368 Votes)
  14. Austria: César Sampson “Nobody But You” 2.91% (367 Votes)
  15. United Kingdom: Surie “Storm” 2.91% (367 Votes)
  16. Switzerland: Zibbz “Stones” 2.81% (354 Votes)
  17. Denmark: Rasmussen “Higher Ground” 2.41% (304 Votes)
  18. Serbia: Sanja Ilic And Balkanika “Nova Deca” 1.96% (247 Votes)
  19. Moldova: Doredos “My Lucky Day” 1.9% (240 Votes)
  20. Latvia: Laura Rizzotto “Funny Girl” 1.9% (239 Votes)
  21. Georgia: Iriao “For You” 1.54% (194 Votes)
  22. Azerbaijan: Aisel “X My Heart” 1.46% (184 Votes)
  23. Montenegro: Vanja Radovanovic “Inje” 1.43% (180 Votes)
  24. Iceland: Ari Ólafsson “Our Choice” 0.99% (125 Votes)
  25. San Marino: Jessika Feat.Jenifer Brening “Who We Are” 0.83% (106 Votes)

Total Votes: 12,612

Eurovision in Concert 2018

After three days partying in the Middle East, the fun shifted to Amsterdam. The city of tulips welcomed its guests right at the airport, like in Israel, and off they went to the biggest concert of the pre-party season with no less than 31 acts.

Some newcomers could be seen. Besides the man on home turf, Waylon, Hungary’s AWS was ready to rock out while Ukraine’s wonderboy Mélovin brought his kick ass red suit.

But it was Eugent Bushpepa, the almighty rocker from Albania, who finally managed to solve the passport problems that had been keeping him from us for far too long. He paid back the love by giving us a performance that skyrocketed him straight to the top of our poll. Mélovin followed in second place and, of course, Amaia y Alfred were there to secure yet another podium finish. What a night!

Poll results: Who gave the best live performance at Eurovision in Concert 2018?

  1. Albania – Eugent Bushpepa 12.68% (2,620 Votes)
  2. Ukraine – Melovin 11.27% (2,329 Votes)
  3. Spain – Amaia Y Alfred 8.3% (1,714 Votes)
  4. Israel – Netta 6.6% (1,364 Votes)
  5. Bulgaria – Equinox 5.81% (1,201 Votes)
  6. Finland – Saara Alto 5.76% (1,189 Votes)
  7. Armenia – Sevak Khanagyan 3.88% (801 Votes)
  8. France – Madame Monsieur 3.62% (748 Votes)
  9. Poland – Gromee Ft. Lukas Meijer 3.48% (718 Votes)
  10. Australia – Jessica Mauboy 3.04% (628 Votes)
  11. FYR Macedonia – Eye Cue 3.02% (624 Votes)
  12. The Netherlands – Waylon 2.93% (605 Votes)
  13. United Kingdom – Surie 2.36% (487 Votes)
  14. Belgium – Sennek 2.28% (470 Votes)
  15. Belarus – Alekseev 2.22% (458 Votes)
  16. Lithuania – Ieva Zasimauskaité 2.19% (453 Votes)
  17. Hungary – Aws 2.11% (436 Votes)
  18. Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef 2.02% (418 Votes)
  19. Austria – Cesár Sampson 1.74% (359 Votes)
  20. Slovenia – Lea Sirk 1.7% (351 Votes)
  21. Sweden – Benjamin Ingrosso 1.54% (318 Votes)
  22. Malta – Christabelle 1.51% (311 Votes)
  23. Switzerland – Zibbz 1.41% (291 Votes)
  24. Denmark – Rasmussen 1.39% (287 Votes)
  25. Germany – Michael Schulte 1.36% (280 Votes)
  26. Ireland – Ryan O’Shaughnessy 1.19% (245 Votes)
  27. Latvia – Laura Rizzotto 0.97% (201 Votes)
  28. Serbia – Sanja Ilic & Balkanika 0.96% (198 Votes)
  29. Moldova – Doredos 0.87% (179 Votes)
  30. Montenegro – Vanja Radovanovic 0.66% (137 Votes)
  31. San Marino – Jessika Ft. Jenifer Brening 0.61% (127 Votes)
  32. Iceland – Ari Ólafsson 0.52% (112 Votes)

Total Votes: 20,659

And now it is finally time for Lisbon y’all! All these lovely acts will make their way to the final party, and one of them will be crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018… or, you know, one of the acts that skipped preview season completely. Anyway, are you as excited as us?

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Music is Art
Music is Art
5 years ago

Spain, France, Bulgaria and Albania slayed in all pre parties they participated. Thanks Spain and France for the effort to show us your music whereever you were invited. Not all did so and this deserves a special mention.

5 years ago

You have forgotten the concert in Madrid, where France and Portugal got the greatest success.

Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup
5 years ago
Reply to  MJD

There is such a negative and disrespectful attitude towards everything concerning Spain that wiwi may be afraid to publish anything about it.

5 years ago

Totally excited! Albania blew my mind in Amsterdam! What a performance! France was consistent giving us great performances at all the pre parties! We’re getting started!

5 years ago

Tirana 2019!

5 years ago

Loved Eugent at pre-parties! Only two days to wait for his rehearsals

5 years ago

Yasss, Eugent!

5 years ago

I see here Lithuania on tops. It is nice to see people felt the emotion of the song 🙂

5 years ago

Yea. I hope that Bulgaria, France or Estonia win

5 years ago

Well, there was also one massive europarty, the ESPreparty, which was AMAZING! My favorites were:

– FRANCE(who got the biggest round of applause in the whole european tour).
– PORTUGAL (also a fan favourite among the spaniards, no wonder why, she was great!).
– ALBANIA (uff, man, that voice!).
– HUNGARY (They are gonna bring the house down in Lisbon).
– SPAIN (They were so adorable!).

5 years ago
Reply to  MaxYronwood

So go bet for them!

5 years ago
Reply to  MaxYronwood

The issue people have with France is the staging. They can performe flawlessly live, but at the moment no one is sure how can they elevate the song live. The theme of the song could actually work on it’s favor and against at the same time, in particular in eastern europe where many anti-migrant parties rose to power doe to the refugee crisis. But I do feel that the jury will vote for France, is a good song with a great compostition and smart lyrics. But, again, there no certainty, how France will end in the final is a big… Read more »