They won the Swiss national selection back in February by a landslide. And ahead of semi-final one tomorrow, Zibbz from Switzerland spoke to our Deban.

“I have to work out a little more for this to be perfect. I’m getting there, I work out every day, I’d like to get just the body moving”, Coco revealed upon being asked about her sizzling figure.

“It’s a little marathon for me, especially since I’m so short. I have to get used to it, but we still have a few more days to rehearse, and I really like it because I like moving on stage. I don’t like standing still.”

Regarding the performance, it’s Stefan who told her to add “some crazy stuff. It’s like Mick Jagger, he always rolls around on stage and goes nuts, you have a chance to pull your mic stand everywhere and yeah, you can even get on my drums and jump off.”

“There is something that might come from me being the old sister,something that always bothered me in school that the kids that were younger, or smaller, or whatever, not as fast, that were bullied somebody, and it makes me think: What does it help them when they bully somebody?”

“I was always the one fighting people off my sister and my brother, like ‘leave them alone'”. And the two shared some interesting facts about one of their siblings.

“We have a younger sister. She didn’t want to join, probably. She can sing, she can play the saxophone, but she’s a horse rider. She’s a real cowgirl, we’re just fakes.”

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6 years ago

#TeamZibbz!!! <3