He’s set to deliver a space age performance in tonight’s first semi-final. And days ago, Austria’s Cesár Sampson caught up with our William.

On “Nobody But You”:

“When Sebastian, Armin and me started writing the song, we did it in an audio-visual way and we always saw myself standing on some elevated point. It immediately connected to the first line of the song (Lord, I’m gonna get so high tonight).”

“It is not really religious, but it’s definitely very spiritual. It’s a lot about how I think you approach love and how I think I found love. It led me to such a comfortable place so that I can go back to the centre stage which I avoided for ten years.”

On the meaning of the song, Cesár suggests that there are three possible interpretation of who he’s singing to. “It could be me standing in the mirror to find yourself. It could be some opposite person as a connection. Or it could mean something higher than myself that I can’t point his finger at.”

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