She’s the Latvian songstress with links to Brazil and the US. And tonight Laura Rizzotto takes to the Altice Arena stage for semi-final two of Eurovision 2018.

Our Deban nabbed her for a chat last week, when she revealed that she feels at home in Lisbon. Growing up in Brazil, this year’s host city boasts a feeling that she’s familiar with including the language and the ‘way of living’.

“Brazilian and Portuguese people have so much in common, I’m surprised. It’s very chill”.

“I’m learning Latvian, but it’s very different from all the languages I speak. The grammar is very hard, you just have to rewire your brain to it. I’m very determined”.

“The colour red I really like, for me it’s a colour that represents passion, drama, it also makes me feel empowered. I want to bring that energy to the stage”.

“Yes, I’m alone on stage, but it really depends on what a song needs. When I think about how I wrote the song and the story it has, I wanted it to be about the emotion of that journey. It’s an introspective song about a girl that has all these emotions and now just letting them out. It doesn’t require more people on stage”.

“I’m considering a Portuguese version of ‘Funny Girl’, but I would need to create a whole new version: when you translate it, it makes no sense. I would really need to spend some time on it.”

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5 years ago

Actually, this is the only one of my personal early top5 favorites that has kept its position as my fave. I really want Laura to qualify.

drag kvinna
5 years ago

Lara Risotto